Advanced Search Operators


MangoApps provides support for a variety of search operators to enhance your search experience, both in simple and advanced searches. These operators allow for precise control over your search queries, enabling you to find the most relevant information efficiently.

Simple Searches

  • AND: Supported as the default conjunction for searches.

  • OR: Supported for combining search terms.

  • NOT: Supported, with both NOT and - performing the same function.

  • Grouping (Parentheses): Supported, allowing the combination of multiple operators and terms.

  • Phrase Searches: Supported for exact sequence searches.

Advanced Searches

  • Proximity Searches: Supported for finding terms within a certain distance.

  • Wildcards: Both * (Asterisk) and ? (Question Mark) are supported.

  • Fuzzy Searches: Supported for finding terms similar in spelling.

  • Range Searches: Supported, requiring knowledge of the field name for filtering records. Example: field:[10 TO 20], field:{10 TO 20}

  • Boosting: Supported using the caret symbol ^. Boosting based on user engagement names.

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