Tracker Module Menu

The Tracker Module provides several tools to help you organize your module view for efficient searching. Using the module menus, you can pin trackers, access forms quickly, and copy direct links. The module lists all trackers that the user has, at least, permission to view.

  1. The three-dot action menu - This menu provides the option to pin the tracker, copy a direct link to the tracker, open the tracker, and directly open the form for the tracker. If a tracker has been pinned, the Pin It option will change to Unpin It.

Pinned trackers appear along the left hand side of the module, as pictured above. If a tracker does not have a form, when the Open Form option is selected, the user will receive and error pop-up. This error will inform the user that there is no form for the tracker.

Copying a link to the tracker will NOT grant view access to the user that has the link. In order for a user to view the linked tracker, they must be either the creator of the tracker or within the team the tracker is assigned.

  1. Show option dropdown - This option enables you to filter your tracker list to display only Active Trackers, Active Forms, or Archived Trackers. It's important to note that you will only see trackers for which you have at least view permission. Even if another user archives a tracker, that tracker will still appear in your archived list.

  2. Grid View or List View buttons - This option allows your to set the view style of your trackers. Grid View displays large icons, while List View presents smaller icons along with text details.

  3. Sort By button - This option allows you to sort your available trackers in a few ways. You can sort them alphabetically by Name, by the Last Update date, or by the latest entry submission date. Additionally, you can specify whether you want the chosen sorting method to be in ascending or descending order.

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