Greetings Toolbars

Celebrate life events no matter where your employees are.


MangoApps Greetings module provides the tools to celebrate birthdays, life events & community milestones helping foster a sense of belonging at the workplace.

To navigate to the Greetings page, click on Greetings on the left-hand side menu.

  1. See all greetings that have been sent

  2. Filter what Greetings you see by Category

  3. Filter the time period for when the greeting was sent. You can filter by:

    1. All time

    2. Last 1 year

    3. Last 6 months

    4. Last 3 months

    5. This month

    6. This week

  4. Send a Greeting to a selected user

Send a Greeting from the Greetings Page

From the Greetings page, click on Send a Greeting.

  1. Select a Category. By default the system comes with the following categories:

    1. Birthday

    2. Congratulations

    3. Get Well

    4. Good Luck

    5. Holidays

    6. New Baby

    7. Pregnancy

    8. Sympathy

    9. Thank You

    10. Wedding

  2. Select a Person or Team to send the Greeting to

  3. Type Your Message

  4. Preview what the Greeting is going to look like

  5. Send your Greeting

Click on Send to send your Greeting.

The sent greeting will display on the Greetings page.

The greeting will also display on the new feed of the recipient's followers

The recipient will be notified and the greeting will be displayed on the recipient's new feed.

Send a Greeting from the Universal Compose Button

Select Greeting. Then, follow the same process as you would when creating a Greeting from the Greeting page.

You cannot send a Greeting to guest users, only network users.

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