Schedule Toolbars


The schedule module enables employees to view their work schedule for the current and upcoming weeks. It provides a comprehensive schedule for the business, store, or factory where they are employed, including the actual hours worked in the previous week. All accessible through your Intranet!

The schedule module provides users with several options and views, depending on what the network administrator has set up for the module in the Admin Portal.

The following options are available:

Refresh - Refresh the schedule to view the latest updates.

Tools down menu - From here, users can download a PDF of their schedule or copy a link to the module.

Date Range- Select the date range you wish to view

Clickable Table Tabs - Along the top of the module will be different views related to a users schedule. Each of these topics will be covered in their own following articles. Each tab can be activated or de-activated from the Admin Portal. View permissions for each tab can also be set by the network admins.

  • My Store Schedules- See all employee schedules for a given time period. Only the employees within the user's set location will be populated.

  • My Schedule- View your schedule for a given time period

  • Actual Hours- View your actual hours worked during a given time period

  • Entitlements- View your entitlement balances, e.g. vacation hours.

  • My Attendance - Submit your attendance record for the day

  • My Team Attendance - See your team's submitted attendance record

If you don't see one of the options listed above, it's possible that your network administrators have restricted visibility.

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