Recognition Widget


The Recognition widget is an excellent way to keep your team motivated and appreciated by displaying awards and achievements. Whether you choose to view all awards, only individual awards, or team awards, this widget can be customized to fit your needs. Adjust the number of awards shown and filter by specific categories to tailor the recognition displayed. Clicking on an award provides more details and takes you to the Recognition module for a comprehensive view.

By using the Recognition widget effectively, you can foster a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment, making sure that outstanding efforts and accomplishments are always visible and celebrated.


The Recognition widget allows you to set the default view to show all awards, individual awards, or team awards, with options to filter by specific categories and set the number of visible awards. Clicking on an award provides detailed information and navigates to the Recognition module for further details.

Default View:

  • All: Lists all awards given to both individuals and teams.

  • Individual: Lists awards given to individuals only. If the widget is added to a team page, the award recipients listed will be members of the current team.

  • Team: Lists awards given to teams only. If the widget is added to a team page, the team awards listed will be for the current team.

Award Categories:

  • You can choose to display all award categories or filter by specific awards. This allows you to highlight particular achievements or types of recognition.

Number of Awards Displayed:

  • Set the number of awards you would like to see in the widget. This customization ensures that the widget fits well within your home page or team page layout.

Detailed View

Click on an award for more details and to navigate to the Recognition module. This feature provides an in-depth look at each award, including the reason for recognition and any accompanying comments or media.

Using the Recognition Widget Within a Team

When the Recognition widget is configured within a team’s workspace, it can be tailored to display relevant awards specific to that team:

Default View - Team:

If set to "Team," the widget will only show awards for the current team. This is different from the home module, which displays awards for all teams.

Default View - Individual:

If "Individual" is selected, the widget will display only the individual awards earned by members of the team workspace.

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