Column Menus

The column menus allow you to take actions which will affect a single column within a tracker.

With the exception of the Hide Column option, all column actions must be made from the Primary Table view.

Column Dropdown Menu

Hide Column

Click this option to hide a column in a table. Only admins or the table owner can hide and unhide columns.

To unhide a column, click the Edit, Reorder, Filter & Group Table menu option from within the Tools dropdown for tables. This option will bring up the Edit Table pop-up menu. Proceed to Step 2: Setup Columns and toggle the hidden column back on.

Edit Column Properties

Selecting Edit Column Properties, will bring up the Edit Column Properties dialog box. Changes made to column properties on save will be applied to all the tables & forms in the tracker.

From here, you can edit all fields in a column. If you have created a form with this tracker, changes you make here will also be applied to the form.

Information may be lost from entries if the entered data type no longer matches the column settings.

The following system generated columns cannot be edited or changed:

  • Submitted By

  • Submitted Date

  • Last Modified By

  • Last Modified Date

  • Submitted By ID

Though these columns cannot be changed or removed, they can be hidden using the Hide Column option.

Change Column Type

Selecting Change Column Type will allow you to quickly change the type of field the column is.

The dialog box will show the current column type and allow you to select the new desired column type. Select the desired column type from the dropdown and click on Convert.

If the data type of a column is changed, all the data in the cells will be wiped. If you have set a default value, all previous data will be replaced with the set default value.

There are some exceptions to the data loss that may occur. The MangoApps algorithm will do its best to convert those existing values into the new data type.

For example, if a text column cell value has a valid date format, data will not be lost when the text column converts to a date column. Howevet, some conversions are not possible. For example, the conversion of a text column to an attachment column will lose all data.

Insert Column Type Left/Right

Click this option to add a new column to the left or right of the currently selected column.

Delete Column

Choose this option to permanently remove a column along with all its contents. Deleting the column results in the irreversible loss of data. If you wish to preserve the data, consider hiding the column from the view. Alternatively, you can create a table view without including the column.


Choose the text alignment for cells within the column.

Separate from the Alignment tool, you can also click and drag the edge of each column to manually resize the column to allow for more room. Once you have adjusted the width of your column, click the new option: Save Height and Width Changes.

The max width for a tracker column is 250.

Filter a Column

As a tracker is populated with information, it can be helpful to filter the data present within a column.

Click on the filter icon in the column you want to filter. Multiple column filters can be active at a time in one tracker.

Next, select your filter conditions. If desired select And or Or to further filter the data.

You can also filter by a specific value or values from the column.

Filtered entries are hidden from the user until the user either clears the column filter or refreshes the table. You can clear the filter at anytime by clicking Clear Column Filters at the top of the menu.

The set filter will only appear to the current user. It will not impact other users.

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