Tasks Widgets

Including task widgets on the user home module can enhance organizational efficiency by providing a centralized and easily accessible overview of ongoing tasks and project milestones. These widgets offer a quick snapshot of individual and team responsibilities, fostering transparency and accountability within the workforce. By having tasks prominently displayed on the homepage, employees can stay organized, prioritize work effectively, and ensure alignment with broader company goals. Widgets will automatically show any relevant and active tasks.

The MangoApps widget library includes the following widgets for Tasks:


This widget offers a centralized and organized view of an individual's pending, completed, or delegated tasks and milestones across all projects. By categorizing pending and delegated tasks based on due dates, and completed tasks by their last accepted date, the widget ensures a clear and prioritized overview of one's workload. Additionally, the arrangement of milestone activities with the most recently active milestones at the top provides a dynamic perspective on project progress. This widget not only promotes effective time management and task prioritization but also enhances visibility into overall project activity, allowing individuals to stay on top of their responsibilities and contribute to the timely and successful completion of project milestones.

Click the funnel icon in the top right hand corner of the widget to filter your displayed tasks by Pending, Completed, or Delegated. The filter also facilitates the option to view the list of milestones associated with your assigned tasks.

My Onboarding Journey

This widget presents all the onboarding tasks for new hires and applicable user segments organized by the type set stages. Users will easily be able to see their onboarding stages and the overall onboarding journey progress. Onboarding tasks can include new user activities such as completing an orientation course, providing feedback by answering a survey, filling out forms, etc.

Tasks MUST be categorized with the "Onboarding" type to be visible in onboarding widgets.

My Staff's Onboarding Journey

This widget serves as a valuable tool for managers overseeing the onboarding process of their direct reports. By providing a comprehensive view of onboarding tasks, it enables managers to closely monitor and guide their team members through the onboarding journey. The clear delineation of overdue tasks offers a proactive approach, allowing managers to promptly address any delays and take corrective actions, ensuring a smooth and timely onboarding experience. This widget not only enhances managerial oversight but also contributes to the efficiency and success of the onboarding process by facilitating targeted intervention and support where needed.

My Tasks Summary

This widget offers a concise and visually intuitive representation of the user's task status within a selected time period in the form of a bar chart. This chart provides a count of pending, completed, and delegated tasks, allowing users a quick glance of their task distribution over time.

This widget is particularly beneficial for users seeking a quick overview of their task-related activities and performance metrics.

The widget can display all tasks from the current week all the way back to the last year.

When configuring the widget, the statistics can be shown in consolidated form or by Team.

My Teams Tasks Summary

This widget offers significant benefit to managers in overseeing team productivity and task management. By providing a concise snapshot of assigned tasks categorized as overdue, pending, or completed, this feature facilitates efficient monitoring of team progress and project status. This visibility is instrumental in identifying bottlenecks or challenges that may be impeding workflow.

Managers can use this information to take proactive measures, such as reallocating resources or adjusting priorities, to ensure tasks are completed on schedule. Additionally, the task summary enables managers to track team performance against deadlines and project milestones, fostering accountability and facilitating timely project delivery.

Project Status

This widget provides a quick overview of project health by displaying pending, completed, and overdue tasks. This snapshot allows stakeholders to understand progress and identify potential bottlenecks at a glance, enhancing project management efficiency. By highlighting pending and overdue tasks, the widget assists in task prioritization.

Clicking on the widget navigates users directly to the project's task module, saving time and enabling deeper engagement with task details, status updates, assignments, and additions. Real-time monitoring of task statuses supports proactive decision-making for project managers and team members.

This widget is only available for Project spaces.

Sites Tasks Rollup Summary

This widget offers designated site managers a concise overview of task health across various stores within their area of responsibility. Admin users can assign site managers at different regional levels using the Domain management tools within the Admin Portal.

Within the widget, executives can quickly assess task progression over a specified time frame. Users can choose from a dropdown menu to view tasks for the current week, last week, current month, last month, or set a custom time range. Custom time ranges must fall within a 365-day span.

Clicking on a displayed region within the widget opens the Site Task Rollup pop-up menu. Here, executives can see the names of other executives responsible for the selected sub-region, along with an overview of each level of responsibility below.

Depending on the executive's position in the Sites hierarchy, they can view their area of responsibility and all subordinate areas. For example, Acme's USA locations are overseen by our COO, Abigail, who is responsible for 3 Divisions with 6 total Regions. These regions contain a total of 6 Areas with 7 total Stores/Locations.

Using the widget, Abigail notices a task delay in the Northeast Division. She can navigate through the Northeast division's options to pinpoint the specific store causing the delay. From the site level, she can view the area manager and office managers. Abigail can then choose to follow up with the area manager or message all site-level admins directly.

In order for a task to reflect in these metrics, it must have a due date within the selected date range view.

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