Entry Menu

Right click on an entry to view the entry level menu. This menu will affect a single entry within a table.

Expand Entry

Clicking this option will bring up the expanded view for an entry. From this expanded view, assuming you have edit permissions, you can edit or add entry data. The expanded view also shows the accompanying Activity log for the entry.

Copy Entry URL

Copy a shareable URL to a specific entry. For private groups, this allows single entries to be shared outside of the workspace.

Duplicate Entry: This option will duplicate an entry immediately under the currently selected entry.

Lock/Unlock Entry: Locking an entry will prevent any edits being made to the entry data, even by users with full access (unless they unlock it first). Comments can still be left in the activity log for the entry. After locking an entry, this option will change in the menu to Unlock Entry.

Archive/Unarchive Entry: This option will move an entry to the Archived Entries table view. Archiving entries is a great way to retain data which may become useful later without deleting it. Once an entry has been archived, the menu option will change to Unarchive Entry.

Delete Entry: Use this option to permanently delete the entry data. Once deleted, the data cannot be recovered.

Set Row Height/Wrap Text: Similar to the column function, this option allows you to set the row height and text wrap for rows. This setting will affect all rows in the current table view.

Activity Menu

Left clicking an entry will bring up the Details and Activity view for the entry.

If the entry is not locked and the user has edit access, they can modify entry data; otherwise, they will only have viewing capabilities.

From the entry Activity log, you will be able to see all events that have occurred within the entry after it has been created. All users with access to the entry, either within the tracker or through share links, can leave comments.

Mass Actions

By utilizing the checkboxes located on the left-hand side of the entries, users can access a range of mass actions via the menu appearing at the top center of the screen.

Users can select multiple entries and perform various actions on them simultaneously, such as locking/unlocking, archiving/unarchiving, deleting, copying, or updating multiple rows at once.

Click on the Update Rows option to change the values in multiple columns for multiple rows. Up to 5 columns can be modified at a time.

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