A project milestone is a significant event, point in time, or achievement within a project that indicates progress, completion of a phase, or the attainment of a specific objective. Milestones are used to track and manage a project's overall progress, provide a sense of accomplishment, and help stakeholders understand key points in the project timeline.

Create a Milestone

To create a milestone, click on Task Tools and select Add New Milestone from the dropdown menu. This will bring up the Create Milestone pop-up.

Within this pop-up menu, you can name your milestone, assign the user who has Primary Responsibility, set the milestone start and end dates, as well as add notes.

By default, if you create the milestone, you are considered the user with Primary Responsibility.

Edit a Milestone

Milestones can be edited from within the project in which they are hosted or from the Tasks Module.

Click on the Pencil icon in the upper right hand corner of a milestone to bring up the Edit Milestone pop-up. Within this pop-up menu, you can update the information from the initial milestone creation stage, but also now edit the Milestone Threshold Settings.

Setting threshold notifications for a milestone is crucial for effective project management. Thresholds serve as a measurable target that aid in tracking progress, identifying potential risks of a project falling behind on it's deadlines, allocating resources efficiently, and facilitating transparent communication with clients and stakeholders.

Milestone thresholds also act as decision points, allowing the team to assess and adapt the project plan as needed in the event of task delays. By providing a clear indicator of success, these thresholds contribute to quality assurance, motivate the team, and help maintain overall project momentum.

These settings allow you to set a visual indicator for milestones that are in danger of having too many tasks overdue as well as a more severe indicator that overdue tasks are falling too far behind for the project timeline.

Add Multiple Milestones

Similar to adding multiple tasks at once, multiple milestones can also be added at once. In the Tasks Module, select Add Multiple Milestones from the Task Tools Dropdown Menu. Up to 100 milestones can be added this way at once.

Milestones MUST follow the format:

Milestone name (required), Team name(required), Responsible Email ID(optional), Due Date(MM/DD/YYYY)(optional), Start Date(MM/DD/YYYY)(optional)

For example,

Release 10, Custom Project,, 05/18/2023, 05/11/2023

Breaking the example down:

Milestone Name: Release 10

Team name: Custom Project

Responsible Email ID:

Due Date: 05/18/2023

Start Date: 05/11/2023

Only 1 milestone can be entered per line.

Responsible users must be a member of the team in which the milestone is being created.

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