Create a Form

Create a Form

After creating a tracker, you can choose to generate a linked form for streamlined data population. This process automates the input of information into the tracker, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort. Additionally, you have the flexibility to share the form externally, allowing data collection from individuals outside your network. It's important to highlight that you can create multiple forms for the same tracker, providing enhanced flexibility in your approach to data collection.

From the desired tracker, click on the Tracker Tools dropdown and select Create New Form.

The Create New Form pop-up window will appear. Input the name for your form (limit 150 characters) and, optionally, add a description (limit 5000 characters) using the rich text editor.

Click Save to continue. For the purpose of this walkthrough, we will be creating an Expense Reporting Form for an Expense Tracker.

Upon clicking Save, you will be taken to your new form. The title of each field will be exactly as your column headings appear in the Tracker table.

From the Form Tools dropdown menu, click Share Form to access sharing permissions and copy a shareable link directly to your form. Users do not need permission to edit or access the tracker to input information into the form.

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