Reader Actions and Engagement

Promote engagement and interaction with your readers by enabling various actions on your posts.

Social Sharing: Readers can click on the Share Icons to share the post on LinkedIn and Twitter using their own accounts. For more information on Social Sharing click here.

Add a Reaction: Readers have the option to engage with a post by selecting a reaction emoticon, rather than leaving a comment. The list of available reaction emoticons can be customized by Network Administrators in the Domain settings.

Comments: To maximize interaction with your post, it's highly recommended to enable comments during the creation process. By allowing readers to leave comments, they can ask questions, collaborate with the creator and fellow readers, promote the post, and engage in various other ways. Moreover, readers have the option to directly reply to other comments, react to them, or report any inappropriate content. To add a personal touch, readers can also incorporate GIFs and emojis into their responses. Additionally, non-native speakers can participate thanks to the availability of auto-translation through Google Translate.

Related Content: This feature allows you to supplement the post with relevant resources and provide additional information to your readers. You can easily add pertinent files from your computer, search for and include relevant wikis, link related posts, and provide direct links to forms and trackers. Readers will also have access to this feature.

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