Approval Workflow


Approval workflows in a tracker provide a streamlined process for handling requests or documents that require approval. This guide will walk you through the essential components and functionalities of approval workflows, helping you understand how to set them up and manage them effectively.

An approval workflow begins when the set Trigger condition for the workflow is met. This triggers an automated notification to the designated approver. The approver reviews the submission, makes necessary comments or edits, and either approves or rejects it. The requester is then notified of the decision, and the document's status is updated accordingly. This ensures a clear and trackable process.

Key Features

Action Fields: Each workflow includes two action fields:

  • If Approved: Action to take if the request is approved.

  • If Declined: Action to take if the request is declined.

Sequential Approvals: When multiple levels of approval are configured within a single workflow, the approval requests are sent sequentially, not all at once. The workflow pauses at each step, waiting for the request to be approved or declined.

Single Execution: Only one approval workflow per entry will execute if its conditions are met. Subsequent workflows will not run if an earlier workflow has already been triggered.

Example Configuration

Consider a tracker with three columns:

  • Column A: User lookahead

  • Column B: Drop-down (options: yes, no, other)

  • Column C: Check-box (options: flyer, notebook, tri-fold, banner)

Three workflows are configured with triggers related to Column C:

  • Approval Workflow 1: If both Flyer and Notebook are checked, send an approval request to Patrick.

  • Approval Workflow 2: If Tri-fold is checked, send an approval request to Sam.

Scenario 1

  • Entry: Flyer, Notebook, and Tri-fold are checked.

  • Outcome: Approval Workflow 1 is triggered and executed. No other approval workflows will run for this entry.

Scenario 2

  • Entry: Only Tri-fold is selected.

  • Outcome: Approval Workflow 1 is not triggered. Approval Workflow 2 is triggered and executed. Any workflows beyond this will not execute.


Automated Reminders: You can set up to 5 reminders for approvers within a single workflow. Reminders are automatically cancelled once the approver takes action (approves or declines the request).

24-Hour Rule: For multiple approvers, reminders are sent only if the approval request has been pending their response for at least 24 hours.

Approve on Behalf

Users with admin permissions can approve requests directly from within the tracker on behalf of configured approvers. This is useful if an approver is on leave or unable to approve.

Connected Workflows

Approval workflows can be connected to publish workflows, allowing for a seamless review and approval process before publishing content.

Connecting Workflows

Preview Before Approval: Approvers can preview the post before approving, directly in the in-app approval messages (message and news feed).

Editing Restrictions: You can edit the connected publish workflow anytime, except for changing the action value.

Deletion Restrictions: A publish workflow cannot be deleted if it is connected to an approval workflow.

Pending Approvals

Direct Access Approval: If you have access to the tracker and a pending approval request is assigned to you, you can approve it directly from the row.

Admin Overrides: Domain admins, team admins, and the creator of the tracker can approve requests on behalf of an approver who is unable to do so.

Conflict Prevention

MangoApps automatically prevents approval conflicts in multi-approver setups. If an approver tries to take action on a request that has already been approved or declined, the system will prevent any conflicting actions.

By understanding and utilizing these features, you can efficiently manage approval workflows within your tracker, ensuring a smooth and transparent approval process.

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