Rich Text Editor (Blank Template)

Design your own template using the visual text editor after selecting the Blank template.

Text: Format your text paragraphs and headings.

Add Media: Add an image followed by a heading and text in the post.

Upload images from your computer, browse Media added in your network's media libraries, add screenshots and recordings from Mango Recorder, insert GIFs, feature an image directly that is hosted through a different URL, or choose one of many available stock images from the Unsplash Photo Library

Once the image or recording has been added, you can click it within the body of your post to adjust its properties.

The Add More Items dropdown menu gives you the option to insert additional items created by other members of your teams in the network.

  • File: Any file or folder from the Files module that the user has permissions to access.

  • Post: Any post from a team of which the user is a member.

  • Wiki: Any wiki from a team of which the user is a member.

  • Quiz: Any quiz from a team of which the user is a member.

  • Survey: Any survey from a team of which the user is a member.

  • Form: Any form from a team of which the user is a member.

  • Tracker: Any tracker from a team of which the user is a member.

  • Table: Keep organized with inline tables that can be used to outline project plans, due dates, priorities, etc. You can also use the Advanced tab to style the table using the Custom CSS defined by the network admin. Admins can add CSS in Admin Portal > Branding > Full Portal > Custom CSS.

  • Code Snippet: Add code snippets. Select from over 25 programming language display formats. If no format is selected, the snippet will default to white on a black background.

  • Embed: Add an embed code for media files from the network's Media Library and other content such as forms, trackers, etc. You can also embed codes from YouTube, Vimeo, and other websites.

  • Horizontal Line: Add a horizontal line to differentiate and organize content within the post.

You can choose the display option for items added via Add More Items:

  • Bar: Displays the items in a full-width bar layout with each item on a new line.

  • Tile: Displays the items in a 3 column layout.

  • Embed: For forms and trackers, add an embed code to display the form/tracker within an iframe in the post.

  • Text Link: Displays a clickable text link for the items.

</> Source: View the HTML and CSS source code for the post. This allows you to examine the underlying code used to create the post's content.

Text Color and Background Color: To create more engaging posts, try changing the text color and background color. Experimenting with different color combinations can make your content visually appealing and capture the attention of your audience.

Spellcheck As You Type: SCAYT allows you to see and correct spelling and grammar problems on the fly while typing directly in the text field. Every misspelled word found will be underlined with a red wavy line and every grammar problem detected will be marked with a green one respectively. Just right-click a marked word or phrase and replace it with a proper one from the list of given corrections.

From the SCAYT menu, you can choose to Disable SCAYT, select Options to further refine SCAYT's detection criteria, set the spellcheck Language, and learn more about the plug-in.

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