Creating a Survey

Step-by-Step Guide


To create a survey, click on New Survey. Network admins can limit which user level can create new surveys from the Admin Portal.

From here, you will be redirected to the Survey Builder.

In addition to creating a survey from the Survey screen, you can also create one using the Universal Compose Button.


Choose a template from the pre-populated options or start with a blank template. MangoApps provides 10 ready-made templates for you to select from. To get a preview of these templates in web and mobile view, simply click the Preview button next to the Select button. Each template comes with a set of pre-made questions and various question types. You can choose to keep these questions as they are or customize them to your liking.

Once you've made your choice, click Continue.

For the purpose of example, we will be creating an Employee Onboarding Survey.


In this step you will be prompted to enter the title, description, and left panel visuals for your survey. This information will appear in emails and in Newsfeeds where the survey is listed.

  1. Title: The title of your survey. This is the title of your survey, which will be visible on your Audience's Newsfeed and in email alerts.

  1. User Instructions: In this section, you can include instructions or an overview of your survey using a rich text editor. These instructions will be displayed on the first page of your survey. While there is no strict character limit, it's advisable to provide a concise paragraph that outlines the survey's purpose or what you aim to discover.

  2. Featured Image: This is the image that will be featured along the left hand panel as users navigate through the pages of your survey. This is also the image that will appear in your Audience's Newsfeed and in email alerts.

  3. Left Panel Background: Choose the background color for the left hand panel of your survey.

Here is a preview of what we have so far from an Audience user view.


In this section you will compose your survey questions, input your answer selections, set up pages, and create conditional rules.

If you have chosen a pre-populated template, there will already be questions in your survey. These questions can be edited, removed, and re-ordered.

1. Edit Page Title and Description

The Page Title and Description are what will be displayed at the top of every page within your survey. You have the option to modify the title for each survey page. This section is useful for titling pages based on conditionals established in the Rule Builder, allowing you to easily identify which questions will be presented on each page.

2. Add Question or Page

If you haven't selected a survey template with pre-filled questions, click this button to start adding questions or create an additional page. Note: Pages that exist as part of a template CANNOT be deleted. Only pages manually added by creators can be removed.

Click here to see question creation options.

For best practice, it is recommended to have no more than 25 questions per page. Each page requires a minimum of 1 question.

There is no limit to the number of pages a survey can have.

3. More Actions (Page)

The 3-dot menu located at the top of each page provides options for duplicating the current page or rearranging the order in which pages are presented to users.

Pages can ONLY be Deleted if there are no questions present on the page.

In the re-order menu, you can easily drag and drop pages within the lineup or use the up and down arrows along the right-hand side for repositioning. Note: The Rule Builder utilizes page names rather than their sequence in the page order, so moving a page out of the current order will not disrupt the Rule Builder's functionality.

4. Rule Builder

Within the Rule Builder pop-up, you have the ability to establish conditional page rules, conditional question rules, and even craft custom messages to be displayed at the end of the survey based on how respondents have answered specific questions. This feature empowers you to tailor the survey experience to match the responses and preferences of your audience. For a more in-depth look at the Rule Builder for surveys, click here.

5. Drag and Drop

The six dots above a question signify that you can move the question either above or below other questions on the page. Simply click and drag the six dots to rearrange your questions in the way that best suits the page layout.

Questions can even be dragged to different pages.

6. Edit Question

This option allows you to return to the editing menu of a question. The survey creator and admins are able to freely edit questions and responses until the published survey has been taken once. After the survey has been taken by at least one respondent, the edit capabilities of the creator and admins will be limited.

Options that will be locked or no longer available for editing once a survey has been completed at least one time include:

  • The ability to mark a question as mandatory

  • The ability to delete a question

  • The ability to re-arrange questions on a page

  • The ability to add questions to a page

  • For multiple choice questions, the option to allow multiple choices to be selected will be greyed out.

  • The ability to add more answer options to a question

  • The ability to remove answer options

  • For Star Rating, the ability to change the number of stars will be greyed out.

7. More Actions (Question)

To edit a question, select it and click on the button in the lower right-hand corner of the question box.

Duplicate: Duplicate a question so it appears more than once on your survey or modify it.

Add a question above/below: Choose a question type from the carat menu to add either above or below the current question.

Delete: Delete the question

Once you have finished adding and editing your questions, click on Save and Continue.


In this step you will set your survey preferences, create the message shown to users upon completion of the survey, and configure your Survey Insight permissions.

  1. Survey Preferences - Within this section you have the following options:

    • You can grant users the option to respond anonymously. Enabling this setting will make the survey completely anonymous, safeguarding respondents' personally identifiable information from being collected, associated with the survey results, or even visible to administrators and the survey creator. This will also add the ANONYMOUS tag to the survey title within the module.

    • Mark the survey as mandatory. This will add the MANDATORY tag to the survey title within the module.

    • Notify everyone in the survey audience when someone completes the survey. By selecting this option, you ensure that all members of the chosen audience receive notifications whenever someone completes the survey, overriding their individual account notification preferences. When left unchecked, notifications will be delivered according to each audience member's own notification settings, including the creator. Note: that this setting is exclusive to domain and team administrators and will not be visible to regular users.

  1. Message to show on completion of survey - This is the default message will be displayed to users upon completion of the survey. Message rules within the Rule Builder can overwrite this message if enabled.

  1. Survey Insights/ Results - Within this section you have the following options:

    • Who has access to view insights/results? By default, the survey creator and domain admins cam view the survey insights at any time. You can choose from the following groups of users to grant results access:

      • Survey Creator & Domain Admins

      • Survey Creator & Domain Admins & Team Admins

      • Survey Creator & Domain Admins& Team Admins & Survey Takers

        • The survey takers can view the insights only after they have completed the survey.

    • Add additional users (optional) - You can include additional users to have access to view and download survey insights. You'll be able to share a direct link to the survey insights page with these added users. Note: Although the added users have the link, they will still require access to the survey as a prerequisite in order to view the insights.

    • What's the access level to view insights/results? - By default, users with admin-level privileges and the survey creator will have Full Access to survey insights. However, if non-admin survey takers have been granted the ability to view survey insights and results, you can specify their level of access using the following options:

      • Full Access - Allows survey takers to see all the details about how all survey takers responded.

      • Engagement and Responses Only, No User Details - Grants access to the engagement chart and graphs without revealing specific user details.

      • Engagement Only, No Responses and No User Details - Provides access solely to the engagement chart while withholding responses and user information.


In this step you will be able to preview your survey before publishing. You can see your survey's appearance in both the web and mobile view.

In order to fully preview any conditional actions you have created using the Rule Builder, you will need to preview your survey in the Web view.


In this step, you will choose the specific users you want to send this survey to. You can then decide whether to send it right away, schedule it for a later time, or simply create the survey without sending any notification.

1. Pick your audience

Choose the category of network and guest users you would like to take your survey. You can choose users using the following categories:

  • Specific Users: Enter the names of individual users or click the Browse button to use the user select tool.

  • User Criteria: Use criteria filters to select your user audience. Multiple criterion can be chosen at once.

New filters can be created in order to quickly select multiple user criteria for future surveys.

  • Team: This option allows you to select a team within the network as your audience. Only one team can be chosen.

  • Any Network User: This option will make the survey visible to all network users, including any guest users on the network.

You can easily access the list of users in the survey audience at any time by clicking the number displayed within the Pick your audience Survey Takers box. A pop-up window will appear, showing the selected users. This is a helpful way to gauge the number of users who will be able to participate in your survey.

2. Select your share option

In this section you can choose to publish your survey immediately or schedule it for a later date. In this section you can also send a preview of your survey to be reviewed before it is published.

  • Send Immediately: Select this option to share an update immediately once the survey is published.

  • Send Later: Select this option to schedule a later date and time for your survey to be published. This will also delay the update in your audience's notifications. Selecting this option will add more options to the Audience menu. For more information on Surveys Recurrence, click here.

Send survey on: Choose the date and time you would like the survey and update to be sent.

  • Share Via Link: Choose this option to generate a share link for your survey. No update will be sent out. Note: Even though users will have the link, they will still need to be a part of the selected Audience in order to view the survey.

This option allows you to create a custom link extension for your survey. Click Customize to view the editor pop-up.

The character limit for this customization is 25 characters. You must include at least one character as empty links are not allowed.

Users with Full Access permission to the survey have the ability to modify the custom link or revert it to the System Default link whenever necessary. Note: once the custom link has been edited, the previous version of the link will become invalid for accessing the survey.

Note: Special characters and spaces are not allowed, however, underscores "_" and hyphens "-" are allowed.

You cannot create a custom link that is the same as a link that already exists. Make sure your custom link is unique.

4. Survey close date

This section provides the option to choose an end date for your survey. By default, this feature is turned off.

To utilize this setting, simply enable it and specify a date and time on the calendar for when you want the survey to close. Once the chosen date and time arrive, the survey will be closed, and no further responses will be accepted.

The survey creator or administrators have the capability to reopen the survey if needed.

Publish Survey/Schedule Survey

Congratulations! You have completed the creation process for your survey. If you have selected to send your survey at a later time, Schedule Survey will appear in place of Publish Survey.

Scheduled surveys will appear in the Draft & Scheduled tab of the Survey module. This tab will only show surveys for which you are the creator.

Published surveys will appear in the Published Surveys tab. By default, this tab will show all published surveys, even those for which you are not the creator.

Once published, users within your selected Audience will receive a notification, prompting then to complete the survey.

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