Campaign Insights


Email campaigns are a vital component of communication strategies for businesses, offering a direct line of engagement with customers and prospects. To evaluate the effectiveness of these campaigns, it's crucial to delve into the insights provided by campaign analytics.

Detailed data and metrics are collected for every published campaign, providing valuable insights into outreach success and areas for improvement. Access to these insights is available to all individuals with permission to create and manage campaigns. From the selected campaign, click View Insights from the 3-Dot Action Menu.

Key Metrics

Within these insights, we will focus on the key metrics for campaign performance.

These include:

Send: Total count of users who were sent the campaign.

Delivered: The total count of users who received the campaign. For campaigns delivered through multiple channels, it reflects unique deliveries.

Unique Opens: The count of unique users who opened the campaign. Multiple opens by the same user across different channels are counted as one.

Unique Clicks: The count of unique users who clicked the call-to-action button in the campaign. Similar to unique opens, multiple clicks by the same user across different channels count as one.


Two charts provide visual representations of campaign interactions by users.

Opened vs Unopened: Delineates the percentage of unique opens versus unopened messages, where "Open" refers to users who received the campaign and opened it, while "Unopened" represents those who received it but did not open it.

Open by Device Type: Highlights unique campaign openings by device, distinguishing between desktop and mobile users. This breakdown provides valuable insights into user behavior across different platforms, aiding in the optimization of campaign strategies to enhance engagement and reach.

Audience Insights

Below the interaction charts, you'll find lists of the top 10 office locations, departments, and job titles that have generated unique clicks and sends for your campaign. These insights help identify audience segments with higher engagement rates.

Open/Sent by Location: Shows the top 10 office locations of users who opened the campaign.

Open/Sent by Department: Lists the top 10 departments of users who opened the campaign.

Open/Sent by Job Title: Displays the top 10 job titles of users who opened the campaign.

Additional data points can be added based on custom field types in a user's full profile.

In order to qualify as a data point option, the custom field MUST:

  • Be either a Single Line Text or Multiple Choices (Single Selection) field type

  • Be marked as a Required field

Timeline Analysis

At the bottom of the insights dashboard is the Opens vs Click-Through Timeline. This timeline allows you to track the frequency of campaign opens and clicks on the call-to-action button per day.

Hover over each line for more detailed insight on opens and call-to-action (click-through) responses.

Series Campaign Insights

To view insights on a series campaign, first click the series in question. This will navigate you to the series' Performance dashboard.

For more comprehensive analysis, delve into the series campaign insights:

Total enrollments: Total count of unique users enrolled in this series campaign across all steps.

Total unique campaign opens: Unique count of users who opened any of the campaign's message from any channel (Email, SMS, message) at least once.

Total unique campaign click: This is the unique count of users who clicked on the link/button in any of the campaign's message from any channel (Email, SMS, message) at least once.

Click on any of the steps to be taken to the individual campaign insight dashboards.

Step Snapshot

Below the step performance table, there is a bar graph that offers a real-time snapshot of user interactions with different steps within the series. This graph categorizes users into several segments:

  • In Progress: Users who are currently engaged and working through the series.

  • Finished the Series: Users who have successfully completed all the steps in the series.

  • Unenrolled: Users who have been removed or unsubscribed from the series for any reason.

  • Encountered Sending Errors: Users who faced issues or errors preventing them from progressing through the series.

This bar chart provides a dynamic view of user engagement and progress within the series, enabling a quick assessment of where users are in their journey and any potential issues encountered along the way.

By leveraging email campaign insights, businesses can refine their communication strategies, improve audience engagement, and drive better outcomes. Regular analysis of these insights enables data-driven decision-making and continuous optimization of email outreach efforts.

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