Trackers and Forms Widget

MangoApps offers the ability to include quick views of Trackers and Forms by way of widgets.

Once you have set up a table within your tracker (click here for more information on setting up tables) click the Tools menu. From here, you will see the option Add Table to Widget Gallery.

When you click this option, the Add to Widget Gallery pop-up menu will appear.

The Title and table Description will automatically be inherited from your table. However, you have the option to edit them before adding the widget.

Important: The selected table will become visible to anyone who has access to the widget gallery (e.g., Network and Team Admins adding widgets to pages, Network Users if the home module is customizable).

The content in the table is visible to everyone (including Guest Users) if the widget is added to a company page or home module.

Removing the widget from the widget gallery will NOT remove it from instances the widget has already been added to a page or home module.

Although the table is automatically shared via the widget, the full Tracker is NOT shared. Users will NOT have full access to trackers and private trackers for which they did not already have access.

Follow along with this video for the step-by-step process to turn a table within your tracker into an easily accessible widget for all network users:

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