Tracker Workflows

Cut down time spent on rote tasks by creating automations via tracker workflows. Workflows are set up using a simple visual editor so no coding experience is required!


Pre-Shipped Templates

We have templates set up for tasks like informing and approvals, and it’s easy to set up custom workflows to do just about anything that is triggered by changes in a tracker.

Approval Workflows

Approval workflows keep processes moving forward by automatically requesting an approval from one or multiple approvers and recording their feedback in the tracker. They can be customized, sent through various channels, and multiple levels of approval requests can be triggered sequentially. Actions can be customized for approval or denial in each case.

Inform Workflows

When colleagues need to be informed of something that happens in a tracker, inform workflows let you customize exactly how they are notified and give them a clear message with exactly what they need. This drives clarity in complex processing and saves valuable time for everyone involved.

Cross-Tracker Workflows

When information needs to be moved, locked, or copied across multiple trackers, workflows can do it automatically.

Workflow Logs

Detailed logs of workflow execution and changes make it easy to keep track of information, diagnose issues, and manage the flow of information.

Notifications & Reminders

Notifications are sent out to relevant parties when they need to address something within a workflow. Furthermore, reminders can be triggered to relevant people, to ensure that notifications are addressed in a timely manner.

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