Notes Widget


The Notes widget is designed to streamline your note-taking and retrieval process. By utilizing the filtering and sorting options, you can tailor the widget to suit your needs, making it easier to find and manage your notes. Whether you're quickly accessing a specific note, reviewing all your notes, or organizing them by different criteria, the Notes widget provides a versatile and user-friendly interface to keep your notes at your fingertips.

Accessing Notes

Viewing a Note: Click on the title of any note listed in the widget to navigate directly to the full view of that note. This allows you to quickly open and review the content of any note you have access to.

Viewing All Notes: If you want to see a comprehensive list of all your accessible notes, click on the View All button. This will take you to the Notes module where you can browse, search, and manage all your notes.

Filtering Notes

The Notes widget offers a filter option at the top, enabling you to customize the view according to your preferences.

Choose a Filter Criteria:

  • Show All Notes: Displays every note you have access to.

  • Notes Pinned by Me: Shows only the notes that you have pinned for quick reference.

  • Notes Created by Me: Filters the view to only display notes that you have personally created.

Sorting Notes

In addition to filtering, you can also sort the notes within the widget. This helps you find the notes you need quickly and efficiently. The sorting options include:

  • Last Accessed by Me: Sorts notes based on the last time you accessed them, with the most recently accessed notes appearing first.

  • Recently Modified: Arranges notes by the date they were last modified (this can be by anyone with edit access to the Note), showing the most recently updated notes at the top.

  • Title (A-Z): Sorts notes alphabetically by their title, from A to Z.

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