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Calendar keeps schedules organized, updated and in-sync


The MangoApps calendar module offers a robust suite of features to help you manage your schedule effectively, from events and tasks to reminders and more. This guide will walk you through the various tools available and how to make the most out of them.

Complete Overview

The calendar provides a comprehensive view of all your meetings, events, deadlines, tasks, and more within MangoApps.

Sync with External Calendars

You can synchronize your MangoApps calendar with external calendars like Google Calendar or iCal for seamless integration.

Filtering and Display Options

Streamline your schedule management and ensure you never miss an important event or deadline by utilizing the below calendar tools.

Search Feature

Utilize the search function to find specific events across your entire calendar, regardless of the view (day, week, or month).

Show Filters

Customize what appears on your calendar with the following filters:

  • Everything: Display all events.

  • Holidays and Important Dates Only: Show categorized holidays and significant events.

  • Birthdays Only: View only birthday events.

  • Custom Events Only: Show only custom events set up by administrators. These events are specifically created by admins for use by system users, so depending on a user's permission level, it is normal that they may not appear for all users.

  • Tracker Events Only: Show events created on a tracker.

  • My Team Events, Resource Reservation, Campaigns, and more.

Day/Week/Month View

Easily switch between different views (day, week, or month) to visualize your schedule.

Calendar Tools: Create and Set Reminders

  • Create Events: Use the calendar tools to create new events directly from MangoApps.

  • Set Reminders: Schedule reminders to stay on top of important tasks and events.

Exporting Your Calendar

Export an .ics your calendar by clicking on the Export button and selecting Export for Outlook/iCal.

From you Apple Calendar, choose the destination calendar and confirm the import.

Syncing Your Calendar

Keep track of your events by syncing MangoApps with calendars like Google Calendar or iCal.

To ensure compatibility, verify that your calendar application supports iCalendar (Webcal) feeds for syncing. Please note that updates made in your external calendar will not reflect back in MangoApps due to the one-way sync nature.

Subscription updates may take time to appear due to varying syncing frequencies. Adjust the subscription address by changing "webcal://" to "http://" if necessary for compatibility.

Exercise caution when sharing iCalendar addresses, as they are not password-protected.

Webcal feeds will include only items with due dates. Webcal feeds will not include items marked as completed.

Sync vs. Export

Export: Exporting your calendar transfers all items to an external calendar for a periodic update.

Sync: Syncing your calendar ensures automatic updates between MangoApps and your external calendar. You can specify sync items such as tasks, events, and milestones from MangoApps to your calendar.

Guest users can export events but cannot sync their calendars.

Supported Applications

MangoApps Sync to Calendar works with any application that supports the iCalendar format, including Google Calendar, iCal, and more.


Mozilla Sunbird

Novell Groupwise

Thunderbird Lightning


Windows Calendar


Mozilla Sunbird

Thunderbird Lightning


Claws Mail


Mozilla Sunbird

Thunderbird Lightning

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