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Automating the process of publishing posts from tracker entries offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, streamlined communication, and improved workflow management. By leveraging the latest features and functionalities available in your workflow management tool, you can create a seamless and efficient publishing process that enhances productivity and collaboration within your team. This guide will walk you through creating a workflow that will publish a post based on information entered into a tracker.

For the purpose of example, we will be creating a workflow centered around posting a weekly lunch menu.


Our HR team admin, Christiana, is tasked by her manager, Adela, to create a tracker with the weekly company lunch menus. These menus will need to be posted to select teams at the beginning of every week. However, before a lunch menu can be posted, Adela must review it to make sure all dietary requirements are met.

Christiana will create an Approval workflow and a Publish workflow.

Christiana first creates a tracker with the following fields:

Date, Title, Content, To & CC Teams, From User, Template, Attachments, Publish Status

The following fields will be auto-created by the Approval Workflow:

Approval Status, Approved or Declined By, Approved or Declined Date

Publish Workflow Template

To get started, click the Workflows dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of your screen and select Create New Workflows. Select Publish Workflow from the pop-up menu.

From this menu, we will fill in our workflow conditions as follows:

For our example, since the lunch menu needs to be posted every week on Monday, we will choose the option At scheduled time and choose to have the entries post on the date we have put in the Date column.

For our example this option is required. Since Christiana will need her manager, Adela, to approve the content of the post before it is made, we will set a condition that the Approval Status field must contain the value "Approved".

If the entry has not been approved by the trigger date, the post will NOT be made and this entry will be skipped by the workflow.

Mappings - The Publish workflow contains an additional menu for mapping columns for each part of the post-to-be. Click the Change Setup button to be taken to the mapping menu.

In order for columns to successfully map to the appropriate post section, the below listed column type restrictions must be followed:

Title - the chosen column must be the Text or Rich Text column type

Content - Text or Rich Text

To & CC Teams - Team Look Ahead

From User - User Look Ahead

Template - Dropdown. The options set up here must match exactly the templates available when Creating a Post.

Once the core workflow is established, there's an option to further customize it by creating tailored messages for sending, updating a column, or executing a row action. These actions can be set to occur either when the post successfully publishes or if the system fails to publish.

For our example, we will have the following setup:

If the post published successfully the Publish Status column will update the value of the entry to Published.

If the publish failed due to a system error, a message will be sent to Adela, Christiana's manager.

With this information completed, click Save. The workflow will now be active for all future entries (but not retroactively).

If you are publishing a post to a team or workspace, make sure your Post module is enabled for the location, otherwise the publish workflow will FAIL.

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