Create a New Campaign


MangoApps offers an intuitive interface for creating and sending campaigns to your targeted audience. Whether you're communicating important updates, sharing company events, or launching new policies, MangoApps makes it easy to craft and distribute your message effectively.

Create a New Campaign

Navigate to New Campaign: Click on the New Campaign button to enter the Create Campaign screen.

Select Campaign Type: Choose between Single Send or Series depending on your needs. For this example, we will be creating a Single Send campaign. For information on creating Series Campaigns, click here.

Choose Template: Select a template that fits your campaign's purpose from the provided options. MangoApps offers various pre-designed templates to streamline the process.

Fill out Campaign Details

Campaign Title: Give your campaign a descriptive title to easily identify its purpose. Limit: 100 characters.

Campaign Category: Select the appropriate category for your campaign from the provided list. Default options include Employee Comms, Leadership Comms, and Change Comms. The selected category will affect how a campaign can be searched from within the Campaigns module.

Owner: Designate the individual who will assume responsibility for the campaign upon publication. This selection need not be the original creator. It's beneficial to assign a different owner if the campaign is created on behalf of someone else, or if the designated individual is best suited to provide any necessary follow-up information to recipients.

Target Audience: Define your target audience by selecting from options such as All Users, Specific User, or by setting custom criteria using filters.

Planned Campaign Date: The intended date for the campaign to reach the targeted audience. The actual date may differ. This date is utilized to display the campaign on the calendar while it remains in Draft status.

Save and Continue: Once you've filled out the details, click on Save & Continue to proceed to the next step.

Design Your Campaign Message

Edit Template: Customize the template by modifying elements such as images, text, and layout. Click on individual elements within the template to make changes.

Start From Scratch: If desired, you can create a custom campaign design using the Blank template and Add Block toolbar. This toolbar offers a variety of options including images, videos, text, and more.

Select the Channel

Use the Channel Toolbar along the right hand side of the editor to select the channel(s) through which you want to send the campaign. Options include Email, SMS, or both.

Choose the communication channel mode: SMS, Email, or Both. Alternatively, opt for Smart Select ensure the message is delivered via the most appropriate channel without overwhelming recipients.

Initially, the system will attempt to contact the recipient via Email. If Email delivery fails for any reason, it will then try the SMS channel. If both Email and SMS attempts are unsuccessful, a Direct Message is sent to the user instead.

Additional Settings: Customize the background color setting for the email body of your campaign.


Review your campaign in different views (Web, Mobile, SMS, Message) to ensure it appears as intended across various platforms.

SMS campaigns will always preview displayed in the Mobile view.

Send or Schedule

If ready, choose to send the campaign immediately to your targeted audience. Alternatively, schedule the campaign for a later date and time.

Double-check all details and click the confirmation button in the bottom right corner to finalize your decision.

Congratulations! You've successfully created and sent a single send campaign to your users using MangoApps. Keep an eye on your campaign's performance and adjust your strategies as needed for optimal results.

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