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MangoApps search simplifies the process of finding information within the system. You can search for a wide array of content including people, files, posts, hashtags, and more. If enabled, the search bar is conveniently located at the top of the screen for easy access.

As you type into the search bar, the system immediately starts rendering search results based on your input. If you can't find what you're looking for, hit the Enter key to perform a deep search across all teams, posts, wikis, files, and more. This will navigate you to the full search page.

By default, every search result will offer a short excerpt from the content found within the folder or file, if possible. However, users have the option to include a custom description when uploading a file or creating a folder. This description will then be displayed in place of the default excerpt in the search results.

Search Toolbars

Advanced filtering and sort capabilities are available from the full search page. Along the top of the search results are options to sort

Sort options

Show: By selecting the show option, you can view 10, 20, or 50 search results per pages.

Sort By: You have the option to sort the search results based on the criteria: best match, newest, or oldest.

Time Frame: The timeframe feature lets you view search results based on different time intervals, including all time, the last hour, the last 24 hours, the last week, the last month, the last year, or a custom-defined timeframe.


From the tools dropdown menu, users have the options:

Get Link: Copy the link of a search item to the clip board.

Save searches for all users: Admin Only. To save Search Results for all data sources, Domain admins can access the option by navigating to Tools and selecting Save Search For All Users.

If you'd like MangoApps to add support for a new data source to the Federated engine, please get in touch with your Account Management Team.

From along the left hand menu, users have the ability to refine their search parameters by various filters. Only filter categories that contain relevance to the search team will appear as avilable for filtering. For example, a search term with no association to any Teams will not display the Teams category within the filter menu.

Result Type, Hashtags, and Mentions

Each search result item includes information on result type, hashtags, user mentions, and team mentions. Clicking on these elements allows for automatic filtering or opening of relevant user or team cards.

Recent searches are automatically saved for easy reference. If necessary, you can clear the list by clicking Clear. Saved searches are specific parameters configured by Admins and cannot be removed except by Admins via the Admin Portal.

Searchable Content in Modules

Most content within MangoApps is searchable via the Search feature such as folders, files, people, documents, and even content externally linked via federated search. There are a few items which cannot be searched currently, however. These items include:

  • Content within a tracker entry cell. The tracker can be searched for, but you must search for specific content within the tracker while viewing the tracker in question.

MangoApps' Federated Search seamlessly integrates external platforms into the intranet search functionality, empowering users with access to a broader spectrum of information, spanning across third-party applications and repositories.

MangoApps currently supports data sources from: Sharepoint & Teams, Google Drive, ServiceNow, GitBook, and Freshdesk.

The linked data sources can be referenced by clicking on their respective tabs within the search page after submitting a query. These federated databases will also populate results from the search look-ahead menu.

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