Tasks Module Actions

In MangoApps, the Tasks feature empowers you to break down projects into manageable steps, promoting success. With Tasks, you have the capability to delegate responsibilities and monitor progress from the initial concept to its realization. This tool also enables you to keep a close eye on task advancement, ensuring the overall health of the project and its alignment with the scheduled deadline.

Within the module, users will have access to the following tool bar options:

Search Bar - Search your tasks using keywords

Overview - From the Overview tab, users will see all of the projects of which they are a part.

List - This tab lists all tasks assigned to the user. From this tab, users can view further details about their assigned tasks by clicking on them.

Milestone - This tab allows tasks to be grouped by milestone buckets as created in the Project. For details on Milestones, including how to create them, click here.

Show/Filter dropdowns - Organize your task list view according to completion status, type, priority, status, milestones, and/or team.

Sort by - Further sort your task list view alphabetically or by deadline. This option also allows users to sort by ascending or descending order.

Task Tools Dropdown Menu - From this dropdown menu, users will have the option to add a new task, create new milestones, and sync due dates with their Outlook and Google Calendars.

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