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Keep track of and share business opportunities

CRM offers the just-right, more thoughtful way to keep track of the opportunities, tasks, notes and conversations which are the lifeline of your business.

The CRM Module offers the following functionalities:

  • Track new opportunities

  • Upload files to opportunities

  • Forward emails to opportunities keeping important customer emails together

  • Add notes and comments

  • Always get a consolidated view per stage of your sales pipeline

  • Manage a list of accounts / companies in your pipeline

  • Add custom data fields to capture opportunity data of any kind

  • Add custom stages to manage your sales pipeline as per your business needs

  • Add custom categories to organize your opportunities by customer size, region and business type.

  • Add custom lead sources to align with your business lead generation techniques

  • Integrated with online meeting tools like GoToMeeting and Join.Me (Huddle)

To navigate to the CRM, select CRM from the left navigation bar.

The screen will display opportunities within the CRM and their various statuses. The displayed statuses can be configured in the admin portal. For for information about this, please click HERE.

Creating an Opportunity

To create an opportunity, from the CRM screen, click on Create Opportunity in the upper right-hand side of the screen.

  1. Name the opportunity

  2. Provide the account name. You can use one that is already in the system or create a new account

  3. Provide a short description for the opportunity

  4. Type in the bid amount. This can be:

    1. Fixed bid

    2. Per month

    3. Per year

  5. Select the opportunity type:

    1. Existing business

    2. New business

    3. Prospecting business

  6. Specify the lead source

    1. Web

    2. Phone Inquiry

    3. Purchased List

    4. Partner Referral

    5. Other

  7. Specify the estimated probability that the opportunity will sign

  8. Once the opportunity successfully closes, you can provide a close date. This field can remain blank until a close date is known

  9. Specify the current stage of the opportunity. These stages can be customized in the admin portal

  10. Select the deployment model(s) Note: This field is a custom field

  11. Click on Create to create the opportunity

Opportunities display important details about the deals your teams are working on, like how much each the deal is worth, who you’re competing against, and what stage the deal is in. Opportunities also track all associated activities as they happen to close deals faster. With opportunities, you’ll never be out of the loop.

View an Opportunity

To view an opportunity, click on the opportunity name.

If you are not a member of an opportunity, you will not be able to view the opportunity page.

CRM Menu Bar

  1. Search all CRM opportunities

  2. Filter by Category

  3. Filer by Time

    1. All time

    2. Last 7 days

    3. Last 30 days

    4. Last 90 days

    5. Last 6 months

    6. This year

    7. Last year

  4. Gear Menu

    1. Show/Hide Stages

    2. Export Opportunity Email IDs

To navigate to an opportunity, hover over the opportunity and click on the icon. You can also drag and drop the opportunity to a new stage, if applicable.

  1. Newsfeed for the opportunity. Updates, posts, questions, and more, pertaining to the opportunity will be displayed here

  2. Members of the opportunity can be seen here

  3. Files shared with the opportunity are accessible here

  4. Posts associated with the opportunity are available here

  5. Calendar for the opportunity can be accessed from here

  6. Ask a question to members of the opportunity

  7. Do a Poll with members of the opportunity

  8. Recognize a member of the opportunity

  9. More options include:

    1. Create new post

    2. Create new quiz

    3. Create new survey

    4. Create new event

Opportunity Tools

  1. Invite members to the opportunity

  2. Get a share link to the opportunity

  3. Configure your notification preferences for the opportunity

  4. Assign categories to the opportunity

Three Dot Menu

  1. Edit the opportunity details

  2. Manage the available modules

  3. Configure the General Settings

    1. Mention Settings: Configure the opportunity alias and whether it can referred to with an @ symbol

    2. Landing Page Settings: Set the default landing page

    3. Invite Settings: Select whether or not network users can invite coworker to the opportunity

    4. Default Notification Settings: Configure the default notification settings

  4. Configure opportunity integrations

  5. Configure file custom fields

  6. Generate Admin Reports for activity within the opportunity

  7. Archive the opportunity if it is no longer an active opportunity

  8. Delete the opportunity

Invite Others to View Opportunity

You may wish to Invite other colleagues to your opportunity. To add a User to an opportunity:

  1. After your CRM is set up in MangoApps, go to the user portal and choose CRM from the Left hand navigation. Then select an opportunity

2. Choose Opportunity Tools and from the Dropdown select Invite members.

3. Select or Search for the Users you want to invite. Once selected, click on Invite

4. Once you click on invite you will see a confirmation flash green at the top of the screen.

5. The Users you have invited will now be able to access the CRM opportunities, from their own CRM module.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all members edit the details of the opportunity? As an opportunity admin you can add members to the opportunity however ability to edit opportunity details are only available with the creators, network admins and coordinators.

Where can I capture notes for the opportunity? Each member of the opportunity can add notes to the opportunity that will always be visible on the feeds details page on the right.

Can guest users be added to the opportunity? No, only network users can be added to the opportunity.

Can I add or make change to the defaults stages in the opportunity? If you have admin rights in the system, you can customize the stages for the opportunities to match your requirement from the admin portal by clicking CRM then Stages and β€œ+ Add a new Opportunity Stageβ€œ. The stages configured are the same that reflects on the CRM dashboard. By default, MangoApps is shipped with the following stages.

  • Qualified

  • Negotiation

  • Verbal Commitment

  • Deal Won

  • Deal Lost

  • Lead

  • Revisit Later

If you wish to, you can even edit the default stages by hovering over them and clicking β€œEdit”

Can we sync with Salesforce? In order MangoApps to access your Salesforce account you must have an β€œEnterprise”, β€œUltimate” or β€œDeveloper” Salesforce account. β€œPersonal”, β€œGroup” and β€œProfessional” editions of Salesforce do not support the Salesforce Rest API.

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