Published Posts Actions

After a post is published, both the creator of the post and administrators have the ability to take additional actions. Click on the 3-dot and Post Tools menus to reveal the drop-down list of available actions.

3-Dot Action Menu

Within this menu, you'll discover a variety of features aimed at enhancing your control over content. From analyzing post insights to amplifying reach with boosted posts, organizing and personalizing with options like adding to highlights and saving as a template, to efficiently managing auto governance, moving, and archiving. Explore the menu to unlock a suite of tools that cater to your diverse post management needs, and more.

Post Tools

This variety of options is designed to elevate your post management experience. Whether you want to easily share your content by copying the link to the post, give prominence by pinning it, configure social advocacy settings, set convenient reminders, create duplicates for streamlined content reproduction, or even generate a PDF version. Navigate through this menu to discover the versatility that enhances your post management with a simple click.

Reader Actions and Engagement

Your post readers have the option to not just consume content, but actively participate and shape their own experience. From amplifying the post's reach through social sharing, expressing sentiments with diverse reactions, fostering discussions through comments, to enriching the narrative by adding related content – posts become a platform for meaningful interaction.

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