Boost a Post

Boost a post over Email or SMS to recipients that have not read nor acknowledged the post. This serves to help internal communication team get significantly higher readership & engagement on their posts. Boosting a post can be automated to make it super easy for the content creator to get higher readership/engagement metrics.

Setup Automatic Boost

Setup a schedule for boosting a post when you are creating it or later at any point in time.

Boost Post Via: Your selected recipients will receive the Boost notification via their Messages Module.

Administrators have the option to have the notification sent via SMS as well.

From: The name that will appear as the sender of the Boost notification message. This can be set as the post creator's name or the publisher of the post. Depending on your selection, the Reply-to field populated by the receiver's email provider will automatically update to the selected user's domain registered email.

To: You can choose whether to send the Boost notification to Members who haven't viewed this post or to All Members. Click the View Members link to view all members of the post.

Subject: The Subject title of your Boost notification Message.

Message: If you wish to send an additional message along with the Boost notification, you have the option here.

Boost Automatically: Rather than boosting the post manually, toggle this option to setup a boost frequency for the post. Set the interval, in days, you would like for the boost to go out (up to 10 days). You can also set when the automatic boost will end; either when all members have viewed the post or after a number of times the post has automatically boosted (up to 10 iterations).

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