Company Toolbars - Admin

Creating a New Page

Navigate to the Company page and select the Tools menu.

Now, select New Page

  1. Short Title: This title will be shown on the page tab

  2. Page Title: This title will be shown as a page heading. This field is optional

  3. Select Icon: This will be shown before the short title on the tab. Select between 62 icons and 24 colors

  4. Select Language: Select the display language

  5. Select Page Type: Select a page type and template:

    1. Static Page: A static page helps you get your content online quickly and easily. Select a page template with a layout that best suites the kind of content you need to write.

    2. Dynamic Page: Dynamic page comes with a widget gallery of over 50+ widgets that can automatically pull existing content already in MangoApps and makes them available on this page. Additionally, you can easily add your own content to it like the static templates allow you to do. The dynamic page templates also allow you to resize, reorder, add and remove widgets from the page, giving you the control and flexibility to design the page with any layout requirements and no programming knowledge.

    3. External Page: External pages helps you link to any secure page or site. This is a great way to link any page that may or may not have been created in MangoApps.

  6. Click on Next

  1. Add the written and visual content to your template

  2. Click on Next

This site will generate a preview of what your page will look like. Click on Next to continue.

  1. You can add Hashtags to your page to make it searchable quickly using keywords

  2. Configure your Settings

    1. Turn on Comments: Enable comments so that users can post back suggestions, feedback, or ask for clarification on the page content. This enable a vibrant 2-way communication in your network.

    2. Turn on Reactions: Allowing reactions provides users a way to respond to posts and other information on your Company Page. Reactions allow your users to like posts.

    3. Turn on Change Log: Enable change log to keep a log of all changes made to the Company Page.

    4. Only admins can see who has viewed this page: Check this box if you do not or want your employees to see which other employees have seen this page. If you select this page, admins will still be able to track this information.

    5. Enable JavaScript: Enable JavaScript if you have a need to execute custom code on this page. Please ensure that any references to external URLs in the code you paste here is via HTTPS, to avoid a security warning from the browser.

  3. Save and Publish

    1. Mobile Preview: See what your site will look like when accessed from a mobile device

    2. Save As Draft and Exit: Save your customizations as a draft and return later to finish and publish.

    3. Save and Publish: Save and publish your company page

Editing a Page

To edit a page, navigate to the desired page. Then, click on the Tools menu and select Edit Current Page.

Then, go through the same process from creating a new page.

When you are ready to save, you will be asked if you would like to push notifications to users.

  1. Your update will be shared as a comment in users' activity stream. If you select the box, a text box will appear where you can put comments about the changes that were made.

  2. Once you are satisfied, click on Save and Publish Now

Tools Menu

From the User portal, navigate to the Company page. Then, click on the Tools menu in the upper right hand side of your screen.

  1. Get a Page Link: Get a link to share out

  2. Set a Reminder: Shortcut to a calendar reminder

  3. New Post: Create a new post

  4. View Post Drafts: View posts that have been saved in draft mode

  5. View Scheduled Posts: View posts that have been saved to be posted at a later date and time

  6. View Post Categories: View created post categories and create new post categories

  7. New Page: Create a new page

  8. Edit Current Page: Edit the current page

  9. Delete Current Page: Delete the current page. You cannot delete the Homepage until you designate another page as the home page

  10. View Current Page Versions: View page versions

  11. Set Current Page as Home: Designate the page as the Homepage for your company pages

  12. Make Current Page in New Language: Select a new language for the page from the dropdown

  13. Duplicate Current Page: Create a duplicate of the page

  14. View Page Drafts: View draft versions of the page

  15. Manage and Re-Order Pages: Check the box for the pages you want to be displayed. Drag and drop the pages in the order you want them in.

16. Assign Admins: Assign an admin or admins for the page

17. Manage Settings: Manage the page settings

Manage Settings

  1. Allow users to share comments on posts: Keep this setting checked to enable two way communication on post by allowed users to post questions, comments, and share feedback.

  2. Show posts from users who are non-admins: Keep this setting checked to show posts that network users have published alongside domain/intranet admin published posts. This is a great way to promote employee posts to everyone in the company.

  3. Show posts from public departments: Keep this setting checked to show posts published in public departments alongside domain/intranet company posts to everyone.

  4. Show posts from pubic groups: Keep this setting checked to show posts published in public groups alongside domain/intranet admin company posts to everyone.

  5. Show post from public projects: Keep this setting check to show posts published in public projects alongside domain/intranet admin company posts to everyone.

  6. Show a widget that includes: Announcements and/or Must Read Posts: Keep this setting checked to show a slider widget containing announcements and/or must reads.

  7. Show a widget which consolidates all podcasts: Check this setting to show a widget on the posts page that aggregates all voice-enabled posts in a list.

  8. Allow posts to be subscribed on external apps: Check this setting to allow users to add voice-enabled posts on their Apple podcast app.

  9. Show company banner: Check this setting to show a fixed banner on top of the company pages. You can also check to include a company logo/icon in the banner. This setting is only applicable when the company banner image is uploaded and customization has been done.

  10. Save and Cancel: Save or cancel your setting choices

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