Department Tools

Online spaces for every department

Departments in MangoApps allow you to leverage your company's existing classification of employees based on their functions in a clean, organized, and automated manner. This module allows you to structure the intranet around these functions and facilitates the creation of department pages. You can share department-specific updates, news, and announcements that are relevant to each department. Departments are designed to align with the traditional organizational structure, providing distinct segments and dedicated spaces for departments such as IT, HR, Finance, and more.


Module Toolbars and Menus

  1. Search: Use the search function to find a Department by entering relevant keywords. The search program will look for the input keyword in both the Department title and its content.

  1. Sort Department View: You can sort the view of all Departments based on categories. You have the option to sort them by All Categories or by a specific Category.

  1. Filter Department View: You can apply filters to the Department view to refine the displayed Departments. You have the option to filter Departments to show All Departments, Departments you belong to, or Archived Departments.

  1. Sort By: Sort Departments either alphabetically or by their latest activity. Additionally, you can further specify whether you want them to be sorted in ascending or descending order.

  1. View: You can customize the arrangement of Departments in the menu view. Choose between Grid View or List View to display Departments based on your preference.

  1. Manage Settings: Click this option to download a vCard or CSV file that contains the names and email addresses of all your Departments. This file can be imported into your email client and would get added to your contacts list.

Department Toolbars

Within a department, you have access to multiple tools and views. If your administrator has allowed it, you can even post updates or questions in the department News Feed module.

  1. Search in Department: Search content in a Department by entering relevant keywords.

  2. Pin It: Pin the Department to add it to a short list for easy reference.

  3. Department Tools: Click the dropdown menu for additional tool options

    • Get Share Link or Email: This option provides you with a shareable link to the Department as well as the Department's email address.

  4. Department Modules: The left-hand navigation menu shows all the Department Modules that have been added by the project creator or an administrator. The administrator has the ability to change the order of the modules or toggle them off to display only a newsfeed for the Group. For more information on Department Modules, click here.


What is the difference between Department, Projects, and Groups?

Departments in MangoApps are used to organize employees based on their functions within the company's organizational structure. They provide a way to categorize and manage employees in a structured manner. Departments are typically aligned with traditional departments such as IT, HR, Finance, and so on. Department pages can be created to share updates, news, and announcements specific to each department.

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