Survey Tools

Measure job satisfaction, evaluate performance, and get crucial feedback from employees.


Surveys are a great and structured method of gathering information or opinions from your user base. It is a valuable tool for collecting data, conducting research, and gauging user's views on various topics. This module is a great option for conducting HR surveys, assessing job satisfaction, and collecting employee feedback to enhance engagement levels.

Surveys Module Toolbar

Users can find the Surveys Module along the left hand navigation menu as long as visibility has been enabled by your network admins.

  1. Survey Views: Using the View and Time dropdown menus, you can sort the table view by

    • All Surveys

    • Mandatory surveys only

    • Surveys I have Created. This view allows you to see all surveys you have created, even if you are not in the chosen Audience segment.

    • All active Surveys in the history of the domain (regardless if they are Open or Closed)

    • Surveys published within the past year all the way down to Surveys published this week

  2. Export Surveys List: This button will appear to Admins Only. If you have admin rights, you can download a .xls file of survey statuses. Information included in the file is as follows:

    • Survey Title

    • Participation

    • Audience Count

    • Audience Who Completed the Surveys

    • Audience

    • Conducted By

    • Published Date

    • End Date

    • Status

  3. New Survey: Click this button to start the Survey creation process. For step-by-step instructions on how to create a survey, click here. All administrators have this option by default. Permission must be granted through the Survey Module in the Admin Portal if you want to enable non-admin users to create surveys. For more information, click here.

Draft & Scheduled Surveys

View all of your surveys that have not yet been published.

On the displayed table (1), you will find your un-published surveys organized by Name, Update date, and Status. Additional options are available for each entry via the 3-Dot Menu (2).

  • Name: Click this column to sort surveys alphabetically by Survey name.

  • Updated: Click this column to sort surveys by the date they were last updated.

  • Status: Click this column to sort surveys by whether they are a Draft or a Scheduled. Scheduled surveys will remain in this table until their set publish date.

  • 3-Dot Menu: The options in this menu will vary based on the survey's Status

    • If a survey is Scheduled, you will be given the option to Edit or Delete the survey.

    • If a survey is a Draft, you will be given the option to Edit or Discard the draft.

Published Surveys

Explore all the surveys that are currently available.

In the displayed table (1), you'll discover all the published surveys available for you to take, those you have already taken, and those you were eligible to take. The table includes columns with extra statistics and a 3-Dot Menu (3) offering additional options.

The featured columns are:

  • Name: Click on this column to sort surveys alphabetically by their survey name. Surveys that are marked as Mandatory or taken Anonymously will display the corresponding icon next to the survey name.

  • Participation: Click this column to sort surveys by participation percentage. Participation in this case is defined as the number of users within the set Audience that have completed and submitted the survey.

  • Updated: Click this column to sort surveys by the date they were last updated.

  • Status: Click this column to sort surveys by whether they are a Open or Closed. If you hover your cursor over Open, you will be able to see the date the survey was published.

Take the Survey

Once you have decided on an available survey, click the Take the Survey (2) button. If for any reason you are unable to complete the survey in one sitting, your progress will be saved upon exit.

When you are ready to resume the survey, the Take the Survey button will have updated to a Resume Survey button. The survey can be resumed as long as the status remains Open.

Three Dot Menu

This menu offers additional options based on your role. There are three versions of the menu. The user menu is the simplest as most users will have access to it. The admin and survey creator menus share similar options, with the exception of the Boost option, which is exclusive to the survey creator.

  • Copy Link: This option will copy the direct link to the survey for easy sharing.

  • View Insights: View survey results. The level of details in the insights is dependent upon the preferences set by the survey creator. For more information on viewing the survey insights, click here.

  • Edit Survey: This option is only available to the survey creator and admins. Once a survey has the status of Open, you have the following edit options:

    1. Adjust the survey end date and time

    2. Marking a survey as Mandatory

    3. Change access permissions to View Insights:

      • Survey Creator and Admins

      • Survey Creator, Admins, and Survey Takers

    4. Make changes to the access level of View Insights:

      • Full access

      • Engagement and responses only, no user details

      • Engagement only, no responses and no user details

  • Clone Survey: This option allows you to duplicate a survey. Permission must be granted through the Survey Module in the Admin Portal if you want to enable non-admin users to create surveys. Please note that:

    • All the questions along with their answer choices will be duplicated

    • Rule builder configuration will be duplicated

    • Preference settings will not be duplicated

    • Responses & audience details will not be duplicated

    • In this new survey, you will be able to make additional edits and choose the audience before publishing it.

  • Boost Survey: This option is only available for the survey creator. Similar to the Posts Boost function, survey creators can use this option to send messages to Audience members, encouraging them to engage with the survey. From the To dropdown menu, you can choose which criteria of Audience members to boost to:

    • All Members

    • Members who have taken the survey

    • Members who haven't taken the survey

    Once a selection is chosen from the dropdown, you can click View Members to see which users will receive the survey prompt.

  • Close Survey: This option is only available to the survey creator and admins. You can close a survey at any time, regardless of the set end date. Closing the survey will result in users no longer being able to answer or resume the survey. When a survey is closed, users will no longer be able to submit responses or resume it and the survey becomes un-editable. However, administrators or the survey creator can choose to re-open the survey if needed.

  • Delete: This option is only available to the survey creator and admins. This option deletes a survey after a final confirmation. Deleting a survey will result in deletion of all the responses and insights for the survey.


What is the difference between a Survey and a Poll?


Are more comprehensive and are designed to gather detailed information as well as feedback from a group of people

Are generally used to quickly gauge opinions or preferences on a specific topic

Are typically more than just one question

Are made up of only one question

Can include a wider range of questions and response options

Typically have only a few response options

Can be used to gather feedback on a variety of topics such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement or even market research. Surveys also have more in-depth results that can be analyzed to gain insights into the opinions and behaviors of the participants

Can be useful for getting a quick snapshot of how a group of people feel about a particular topic

Are often conducted over a period of days/weeks/months

Can be conducted in real-time or over a short period of time, such as during a meeting or as part of a post.

Here are some examples:

  • Ask for feedback on employee benefits

  • Get input on ways to improve monthly company meetings

  • Get a pulse check on employee satisfaction

Here are some examples:

  • Are you excited for this year’s New Product Expo?

  • Do you love McDonald's Shamrock Shakes?

  • Who do you think is going to win March Madness?

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