User Profile


Exploring a user profile offers a holistic view of their role, achievements, and interactions within the organization. Use the provided tools and sections to better understand and engage with colleagues effectively.

Profile Tools

Within the user profile, locate the Profile Tools dropdown menu to gain access to the following actions:

Get a Link to the Profile: Obtain a direct link to share this user's profile.

Download Profile: Download the user's profile for offline access as a PDF or vCard

Knowledge Graph: The knowledge graph in MangoApps visually displays an individual's skills and connections within the company.

Exploring the Profile Sections

The employee user profile is organized into several sections to provide a comprehensive overview of the user's activities and information within the organization.

If you do not see the below listed sections on your profile, it means the module has not been enabled. Please contact your network admin if you wish for a module to be activated.

Activity: View posts, updates, earned badges, and other notable activities.

Info: Access basic profile information provided by the user, such as contact details and job role.

Org Chart: Visualize the user's position within the company's organizational chart.

Recognition: Review all awards and recognitions received by the user.

Timesheets: See completed timesheets submitted by the user.

Projects: Explore projects that the user is currently involved in.

Groups: View groups or teams the user is a member of.

Files: Access files shared by the user.

Posts: Browse all posts made by the user.

Wikis: Explore wikis created by the user.

Rewards Wallet: This section displays information related to the rewards earned or available to the user, such as points, bonuses, or other incentives provided by the organization. Click on Redeem Now to be taken to the Rewards Catalog.

Awards Received: Lists all the specific awards and recognition that the user has received for their contributions or achievements within the company.

Badges Received: Shows the various badges or digital credentials that the user has earned through the gamification feature within your domain.

My Certificates: Provides a record of any certificates or qualifications that the user has obtained through your domain's LMS courses, showcasing their professional development or training accomplishments.

Recognized For: This displays the list or Core Values the user has been recognized for demonstrating via the Recognitions feature.

Follower/Following: Displays information about the user's followers (those who receive updates from the user) and those whom the user follows (those whose updates the user receives), facilitating networking and communication within the platform.

Interacting with the User Profile

In addition to viewing information, the profile interface allows you to interact with the user in various ways.

Follow/Unfollow: Click the Follow button to receive updates from this user on your newsfeed. If already following, use this option to unfollow the user.

Send IM: Instantly initiate a private instant message (IM) conversation with the user for real-time communication.

Send Message: Initiate a direct message to the user for private communication.

Recognize: Acknowledge and appreciate the user's contributions by sending recognition.

Edit: Owner/Admin only. Enables the owning user to edit their own profile information, making updates or revisions as necessary to ensure accuracy and relevance. This option can be disabled/enabled by admins from the Admin Portal.

Settings: Owner/Admin only. This will navigate the user to their Notification Center menu.

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