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The Company module allows your organization to communicate and engage with all employees. Stay informed about company information, policies, and processes!


The Company Module is a dedicated section that serves as a central hub for all corporate updates, announcements, and news relevant to the organization. This page plays a vital role in keeping employees informed, engaged, and connected with the company's latest developments. The number of pages and the content they include will vary based upon your organization's needs. Please note that only admins can create and edit company pages.

To navigate within the module, click on the desired page from the top menu bar. If there are subpages available, you will see a dropdown menu. Click on the caret symbol to expand the menu and access subpages.

To view all pages on the company module, click the three dots on the top right and select Browse All Pages.

Tools Menu

The Tools dropdown menu allows you to get a link to a certain page within the Company module by clicking on Get Page Link

You can also pin and unpin topics by selecting Pin It.

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