Form Tools

There are several tools available to you in your form.

Click on the Tools dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Change Name & Description: This option allows you to update the name and description of the form.

Share Form: Activating form sharing will generate a share link. You have the option to permit anyone on the internet to submit the form without requiring sign-in. When captcha is enabled, it will be displayed when the form is submitted by a user who is not logged in. We recommend enabling captcha to prevent spam entries.

For a public embed view, MangoApps provides both inline and popover options. Have you designed your own form UI? No problem! Click Advanced and easily copy the input field attributes and form action post URL.

Duplicate Form: Allows you to duplicate the form. This will only copy the form and tracker design. It will not copy any data acquired.

Print Form: Save the form as a PDF or XLS.

Add Form to Widget Gallery: Add this form to the widget gallery. This action will make the form accessible to all network users within the 'Table & Forms' section of the gallery. For information on the Tracker and Form widget, click here.

Add Form to Teams: Select this option to enable all team admins to incorporate the form into their teams. Once added to another team, members of that team will have the ability to submit entries to the tracker via this form.

Delete Form: This will delete the created form, but will not delete any of the data entered into the tracker via the form.

Deleted forms are non-recoverable. Once the form has been deleted it is gone forever.

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