Compose a Post

Create a new post using one of the pre-made templates, a custom admin-created template, or start from scratch with a blank post.

Share a Post Pop-Up Menu

  • In the Team Name text box, enter the name of the team for which you would like to create a post. Click the Everyone option if you would like to share a post with all your followers instead of posting in a single group.

  • If Teams is selected, the option to CC additional teams will appear in the form of a text box to share the post with multiple teams.

  • Select the preferred template for the post and click Continue.

You CANNOT add blocks (Cover Image, Image, Video, Audio, Quote, Text, Media + Text, and Button) in the post when using the Blank option. Utilize these links for more information on Add Block Templates and the Blank Template.

Creation Menu Options for Posts

Once your template has been selected, you will be taken to the post editor. Within this editor you will have access to a multitude of options for creating your own custom post. These menus include the content editor, comment settings, boost options, auto-governance settings, and more. For ease of explanation, we will break these menu items up numerically.

  1. Enter a title for the post in the Title text box.

  2. Utilize the Add Block menu to add content blocks to the post. For information on the Add Block Template features, click here.

  3. CC more teams without returning to the previous step using the Share with Additional Team option.

4. Settings

Settings cover most of the post options related to user/reader interaction with the post.

Allow comments: Checking this setting enables 2-way communication on posts; allowing users to post comments, ask questions, and share feedback. When enabled, the following additional option will appear:

  • On a new comment: This option allows you to set whether or not the primary 'To' team is notified when new comments are added to your post. The CC team members are not notified, however they can still view the comments/replies. If Don't notify anyone is selected, a notification will not be sent out. However, if a user is @mentioned, they will still be notified.

Mark as must read and require acknowledgment: This option adds a Must Read box to the top left corner of the post. When enabled, the additional option will appear allowing you to customize the Acknowledgment Required Message for the post.

Mark as an announcement: Admin only. Set the post as an announcement with an optional expiration date. This adds an "Announcement" box to the top left corner of the post and displays the post in the consolidated widget on the Posts page. When enabled, the following additional options will appear:

  • Auto Expire Must Read/Announcement On: Set the date on which the post ceases to be an announcement. The post will continue to appear as a regular post once the expiration date is past.

  • Auto Expire Must Read/Announcement After: Set the day after which the post ceases to be an announcement. The post will continue to appear as a regular post after the expiration date is past.

  • No Auto Expiration Set: If an auto-expiration date is not checked for the post it will continue to be an announcement unless changed by the an administrator.

Set custom label: When enabled, this option allows you to create your own custom label to appear in the top left hand corner of the post thumbnail (similar to alerts, must reads, and announcements). Custom labels have a character limit of 20.

Schedule It: Check this box to set the future date and time for publishing the post automatically. When enabled, additional options will appear allowing you to select a date and set a time.

Enable Voice: Automatically convert the text posts into voice posts which can be listened to via Apple Podcasts, RSS feeds, etc.

Edit Permissions: Set editor permissions for the post. This is a required section. Select from the following options:

  • You can edit this post: Only you (the creator) can edit the post. If selected, this options hides the Edit button for all other users.

  • You & admins can edit this post: Only you (the creator) and administrators. If selected, this option hides the Edit button for all other users except the creator and administrators.

  • Any team member can edit this post: Any team member can edit the post.

5. Feature Image

The Featured Image is displayed alongside the post title whenever a summary of the post is shown, such as in the Carousel layout within the Posts module. A minimum resolution of 527 x 326px with a recommended resolution of 1250 x 773px pixels is required for all images. You can adjust the image with the Reposition tool available from the Edit dropdown menu. If a video is included in the post media, it can be chosen as the Featured image. The thumbnail for the post will automatically include a play button.

Images fetched from a URL are currently not eligible to be selected as the Feature Image.

6. Automatic Boost

"Boost"-ing your post sends a new notification to your recipients, alerting them that your post may require their attention. This option allows you to customize the Boost frequency and design a custom message to go along with the boost. For information on post Boosts, click here.

7. Social Advocacy

Admin only. Enable this option to allow your readers to share a link to your post to LinkedIn and/or Twitter. For information on Social Advocacy and posts, click here.

8. Category

Choose a relevant category for the post from the list. Multiple categories can be selected. If using an admin-created template for the post, some categories will be pre-marked as specified by the admin. Network & intranet admins can create a new category using the + Add New Category link or by accessing the module within the Admin Portal.

Assigning a category to a post makes it more easily searched and will allow it to be found using the Sort by Category action found within the User Portal's Post module.

9. Auto Governance

Enable this action to allow MangoApps Auto Governance algorithm monitor the "freshness" of your post. For information on the Governance Engine, click here.

We recommend enabling this feature on Alerts or any other time sensitive posts that may require information to be regularly reviewed.

10. Hashtags

Enter relevant hashtags for the post. This will allow your post to be more easily found via search and will notify all those subscribed to the hashtag that new content relating to the hashtag has been made.

For information on setting up hashtags, click here.

Top Toolbar Options

Once content has been added and settings for the post configured, you can preview, publish, and view sentiment for your post.

Preview: Click this button to preview your post before your publish it. Multiple previews across desktop and mobile platforms are available to view. Posts can be edited by the creator and admins after it has been published, but we still recommend double checking your post for any errors before publishing.

Post Analysis: Click this option to view the word count, character count, read time, and sentiment analysis of your post before publishing.

Post sentiment analysis uses the MangoApps AI/ML engine and is trained to tell the sentiment for posts with up-to a maximum of 4000 characters.

Post sentiment is shown as a % of mixed / neutral / positive / negative sentiment based on the text content in the posts (media content is not factored).

Estimated total read time (in minutes) is automatically calculated in the following manner (rounded to the next min.)

For text content: 1 minute of read time for every 265 words.

For images/gif: 5 seconds for every image/GIF.

For video: Duration of the video.

Publish Post: Click this option to publish your post or save it for later. From the dropdown carat, you have the following alternatives to publish:

  • Save as Draft & Close: Save changes to the content and save the post as a draft.

  • Delete Draft & Close: Delete the changes to the content and close the post editor.

  • Cancel & Close: Cancel the post and close the editor.

  • Copy Link: Copy a link to the post to your clipboard and share it with other users.

  • Send for Review: Send any post in edit mode for review to any user. Reviewers will receive a private message with a review link to the post.

  • Review History: View a list of reviewers that were sent the review request. You can also keep track of any change requests and those that have completed the review.

  • Send Test Email: Send a preview of the post as an email to selected users.

Publish Post Confirmation Pop-Up Menu

Before your post is published, you will be prompted to review your setting choices via a pop-up menu.

In this menu, you will be able to view your selection from the settings side bars. Carefully review the information on the screen before moving on. Settings can be changed after a post has been published, but we always recommend double checking beforehand.

Also, in this menu you will find 3 additional settings.

Highlight this post

Enable this option to boost the visibility of your post. When activated, the post will appear at the top of the user's home, news feed, or posts page, depending on the admin configuration. We suggest using this feature for significant announcements or important news that you want to showcase prominently.

When enabled, you will be prompted to set the highlight expiration. This is the date and time the post will no longer appear in the Highlights section where it has been configured.

All posts from the Highlights section will be removed if the features is disabled in the Admin Portal. However, if the feature is re-enabled, as long as the expiration date has not passed, the post will re-appear in the Highlights section.

A post will remain accessible (unless deliberately removed) in the posts module, even after a its highlight expiration date has passed.

If you do not see this option, that is because an Admin has not enabled it or has disabled it within the Admin Portal. For information on enabling/disabling the feature, click here.

AI based post summary

Enable this feature to show users an AI generated summary of the post when the post appears in the news feed and post widget. If this feature is not enabled or the AI text generation failed, the default post content excerpt will be displayed instead.

Alert 'Team' members

Toggle this option on to send a notification to all members of the team in which the post is published. This option is only available if a post is published in a team.

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