Reward Points and Redemptions


Certain awards can include rewards points. Utilize these points in the company catalog by clicking the Redeem Now button found in the Rewards Wallet widget on your profile.

Rewards points and the Rewards Wallet will only appear if they have been enabled by domain admins from the admin portal.

Choosing Your Reward

After clicking Redeem Now, you will be navigated to the Company Catalog.

Browse through the available options, which may include Gift cards from various retailers and/or custom company branded items such as apparel, accessories, or gadgets.

If you select a custom company branded item, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to choose different specifications such as sizes and color, depending on the item.

If you selected a physical item that needs to be shipped, you'll be prompted to provide a shipping address. make sure to fill in the required fields accurately to ensure timely delivery.

Confirming Your Selection

Review your chosen reward and shipping information to ensure everything is correct. If satisfied, proceed to confirm your selection.

Once confirmed, your rewards points will be deducted accordingly and you will receive a confirmation message, as well as an email notification with your order information.

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