MangoApps Questions connect employees with industry experts, helping them find answers and solve problems. Questions can be shared in any team environment, letting employees utilize all of their available resources.


Connecting Experts To Those In Need

Collect and structure answers to questions so employees can quickly find the information they need.

  • Answer commonly-asked or recent questions surrounding internal processes, projects, or other subjects

  • Indicate your desired audience so that those who respond are informed on the topic

  • Attach files, links, gifs, or emojis to your question

Earn Reputation Points

People who answer questions receive reputation points as their responses are β€˜upvoted’. Top contributors and influencers get highlighted automatically through the network.

Accepted Answers

The user who asked a question can mark an answer as β€˜accepted,’ indicating that the answer worked or served the person’s needs. Accepted answers are automatically visible at the top.

Quickly Identify Experts

Seek out experts in the company based on expertise, specified skills, department, location, or even their rank on the question/answer leaderboard.

Tag Important Questions

Questions can be tagged with their subject areas. Multiple tags can be attached to a question making it easier to find questions in several subjects.

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