Get reminded about important dates


MangoApps Reminders make it effortless to stay on top of your events, tasks, and approvals by automatically setting up reminders for you. You can create reminders directly from your news feed or calendar, ensuring you never miss an important deadline or event.

Reminders are personal and visible only on your calendar. They are not shared with other users or visible to site administrators.

Creating a Reminder from Your News Feed

From an item in your news feed, click the three-dot menu and select Set a Reminder.

Set Reminder Details

Choose the date and time for your reminder. Add a note (up to 300 characters). Select a color for the reminder.

Receive Your Reminder

You'll receive a notification at the specified date and time, including your note.

Creating a Reminder from Your Calendar

From the Calendar module, click on the desired date and choose the Set a Reminder radio button.

Specify Reminder Details

Enter your note (up to 300 characters). Set the date and time for the reminder.

Reminders will appear only on your calendar and are not visible to others.

Managing Event Reminders

Default Event Reminders

When you RSVP for an event, a default reminder is set automatically (10 minutes before the event).

Customizing Event Reminders:

Navigate to the event on your calendar. Click Edit Reminder to adjust the timing (from 1 minute to 24 hours before the event).

Managing Task Reminders

For tasks assigned to you, a default reminder is set (1 day before the due date).

Customizing Task Reminders

Access the task deadline on your calendar.

Click "Edit" to modify the reminder according to your preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get reminder notifications on iOS/Android clients?

To receive reminder notifications on iOS or Android, install the app and log in. Navigate to notification settings and enable reminder notifications to stay updated wherever you are. For Android users, add the 'MangoApps Reminder' widget for additional notifications.

How do I get reminder notifications via Email?

To receive reminder notifications via email, ensure your email reminder settings are enabled. Go to 'Changing My Settings' > 'Smart Reminders' to configure.

Can my event reminder be automatically deleted?

If you RSVP as 'attending' or 'maybe attending' for an event, a reminder may be automatically set based on your settings. If you change your RSVP to 'not attending', the reminder for that event will be removed to prevent unnecessary notifications.

Can my task reminder be automatically changed or deleted?

If you're responsible for a task, a reminder may be automatically created based on your settings. Once you complete or reassign the task, the reminder will be removed. If a delivered task is rejected or reopened before the due date, a reminder may be automatically reinstated based on your settings.

Can I set multiple reminders for one item?

You can only set one reminder per item (event, task, etc.) to simplify reminder management. However, you can use the "snooze" feature or create recurring reminders if you need to be reminded again about the same item.

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