Configure Locale setting

Locale Settings

Configuring your personal Locale settings allows you to set time and date appearance on your personal site.

Click on the gear icon. Then, select Change My Settings.

Then, click on Locale.

  1. Select the Default Date Format

    1. MM/DD/YYYY

    2. DD/MM/YYYY

    3. YYYY/MM/DD

    4. Month DD, YYYY

    5. Day Month DD, YYYY

    6. DD.MM.YYYY

    7. Day, DD.MM.YYYY

  2. Select the default Time Format

    1. 12 hour clock

    2. 24 hour clock

  3. Select your Time Zone

  4. Select the Language. If you change your Language settings, the language on your page will be translated based upon the language translation settings set by your site admin.

  5. Click on Save to save your settings

If you are changing your locale we highly recommend checking your default reminder settings for time & time-zone that would get applied to your new reminders created in future.

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