To Do

Stay on top of how your to do list behaves

To Do

Configuring the behavior of your To Do list ensures the system works for you instead of you working for the system.

Click on the gear icon and select Change My Settings

Select To Do from the left-hand side menu.

  1. Select the Default Position for new items. You can select between:

    1. Top of Section

    2. Bottom of Section

  2. Configure the Default Due Date. If you enable having a default due date, you can select from 1-30 days after the To Do item creation

  3. Click on Save to save your selections

Add a Section

Click on Sections to configure the category sections you can add To Do list items to.

You can drag and drop them into any desired order.

To add a new section, click on Add New Section.

  1. Enter a Section Name. You are limited to 30 characters or fewer.

  2. Enter a Description. You are limited to 100 characters or fewer

  3. Select a Color for the sections

  4. Select Who Can View. This applies to the section and all the to do list items within the section. You can select between:

    1. Only Me

    2. My Manager

    3. Specific Users. If you select this option, you will be able to put in desired users.

  5. Enable Reminders to be generated. The generated reminder will follow the default reminder settings. Click on the View Reminder Settings link to review and configure settings.

  6. Click on Save to enable your settings.

Edit Sections

If you have created a section you can enable or disable it, delete it, or edit it.

  1. Click on Settings to edit the:

    1. Name

    2. Description

    3. Color

    4. View Rights

    5. Reminder Enablement

  2. Delete the section. You can only delete sections you create.

  3. Enable or Disable a section by clicking on the toggle.

If you delete a section that has a to do item associated with it, that item will be moved to the Other Items section.

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