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MangoApps Idea Management improves the outdated idea box, giving employees a place to share ideas that will actually be seen. Users can collaborate on the best ideas, helping management implement opportunities.


Collect Ideas & Take Action

Encourage employees to submit new ideas, then turn them into tasks and track their execution and completion.
  • Employees can vote on ideas, giving you insight into relative popularity
  • See a real-time idea leaderboard to get a sense of the most important changes
  • Establish recurring tasks so ideas don’t slip through the cracks

Create A Campaign

Create an idea campaign to help users collect ideas focused on a particular problem or question. Colleagues can then provide feedback/comments that are relevant to that topic.

Gain Insight Into Ideas

Keep up to date with the most recent, top voted, or most discussed ideas, right from the convenience of your dashboard.

Capture Ideas From The Mobile App

Record ideas or contribute to existing idea campaigns right from the mobile app, making it easy for users to capture unique ideas from wherever they are.

Share, Collaborate, and Vote On Ideas

Empower employees with the opportunity to have their ideas heard and feel valued, while making a real business impact.
  • Ideas are given a title, description, and hashtag to allow for easy tracking
  • Provide a platform for users to share ideas with their colleagues
  • Ideas can improve productivity, reduce costs, and drive business results

Idea Leaderboards

Give employees a voice and improve engagement by cultivating a list of idea contributors who are topping the charts at the company.

Voting & Comments

Discuss and vote on ideas, with the best ideas rising to the top. Colleagues can comment to refine and prioritize ideas, as well as ask questions.

Idea Lifecycle

Configure idea stages to help align the idea management process with the goals of the company. Ideas pass through phases such as ‘in review’, ‘implemented’, and more.