Creating an Alert

Whether it's a time-sensitive announcement for the entire workforce or targeted alerts for specific teams, this feature allows you to effortlessly draft, preview, and choose delivery channels before distribution. Reach your employees instantly, keeping them updated on workplace emergencies and ensuring important messages are seen by all, even on mobile devices.

The Alert format offers easy segmentation to notify only the necessary individuals based on team, location, or role. With over 20 customizable alert templates, multi-channel communication options, and the ability to schedule alerts for optimal timing, you can tailor your approach to various emergency scenarios. Track real-time engagement, resend alerts with escalated urgency to those who missed them, and enhance accessibility through text-to-speech functionality.

To get started, click the Alert tab when creating a new post.

1. Text Editor

Input, edit, and organize the textual content of your alert. Key features include basic text manipulation operations, such as cut, copy, paste, and text alignment functionalities. Additionally, incorporate highlighting to enhance readability.

The title section has a 100 character limit

The body section has a 350 character limit

2. Settings

In this section you have options related to reader interactivity and accessibility.

Acknowledgment required: This setting can not be disabled as user acknowledgement is required for alerts.

Auto Expire: For time sensitive alerts, set an auto-expiry date. Once an alert expires, users no longer see the alert pop-up on web and mobile.

Allow comments: Though not typical, you have the option to enable readers to leave comments on the alert. This can be useful in the event that regular updates on a situation need to be broadcast.

Schedule it: If it is not a time sensitive alert, such as scheduled maintenance, you have to option to delay publishing an alert until a certain time.

Enable voice: This option allows you to convert the text in the alert into voice. Users will see an option to listen to the content of the post like a podcast.

This the image which will be displayed in the alert as well as alongside the alert description in the posts module.

Minimum: 527 x 326px. Recommended: 1250 x 773px

4. Color Theme

This will dictate the color of the alert banner at the top of the pop-up window when a user receives it.

5. Delivery Modes

This section allows you to choose delivery methods for the alert notification.

Pop-up on Web & Mobile: This option is required and will always be enabled for alerts.

SMS: Send a text message to the user on the β€˜mobile number’ set in their profile. Total 100 SMS messages are included each month at no cost. The rate beyond 100 is $0.01/SMS. Contact your Account Team if you have any questions about our rates.

Messenger and Email options are available as well. Click the Preview link to view your alerts on all mentioned delivery platforms.

6. Auto Governance

For regularly scheduled or ongoing alerts, we recommend enabling auto governance to ensure information in the alert stays up to date and regularly reviewed.

For in formation on auto governance settings, admin users can click here.

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