Posts Widget

The posts widget can be added to company pages, teams, and even the Home Module. As long as the network admin/intranet admin have enabled it in the Posts settings.

Set Properties

While in Customize mode, click the 3-dot menu in the top right corner of the Posts widget and select Set Properties. Within this menu, users have the option to customize the Title of the widget as it appears on the Home Module, set Filters & Sort options, and modify the Appearance of the widget.


To modify the title shown on the widget, either change the displayed title directly or toggle the switch to the right to remove the title completely from the widget.

Filter & Sort

Filter posts by those most relevant to you and sort how they appear.

Category: Click on the preferred categories to display the posts tagged with the selected category.

Posted In: Select which posts you see by where they have been posted. You can choose to view all posts by the Company, your Team, specific Teams, Pinned items, or see all posts.

How is this selection affected by where the widget is located?

The behavior of the posts widget within the company space and Home Module is influenced in the following manner:

  • Company and My Teams - The widget will display company-wide posts and those within teams of which the user is a member.

  • All - This option will show both company-wide posts and team posts including those in public teams of which the user is not a member.

  • Company Only - This option limits the display to only company-wide posts.

  • My Teams Only - This option limits the display to only teams of which the user is part.

Similarly, the post widget's behavior within a team follows a parallel pattern:

  • Company and My Teams - The widget will display posts published to company-wide and those within the teams of which the user is a part.

  • All - This narrows the display to posts specifically within the team where the widget is located- this is the sole distinction in behavior when compared to other locations of the widget.

  • Company Only - This option showcases exclusively company-wide posts sent to everyone.

  • My Teams Only - This option will show posts from all teams of which the user is associated.

Post Type: Filter by the type of post. You can choose Regular posts, Announcements, Must Read, and Alerts. Choose x None to continue seeing all types of posts.

Sort: Choose which posts you would like to see first:

  • Recent on Top: The most recently published posts are displayed first in the list.

  • Most Viewed First: The posts with the most views are displayed first in the list.


Choose the preferred layout for presenting your posts. Elevate widget personalization by selecting from a variety of compelling and visually appealing layouts.

Slider View

This layout features a continuous slideshow of post previews. Additional menu options will become available, giving you the ability to customize each slide further. This layout can display a minimum of 6 posts up to a maximum of 99.

List View

This layout display posts in a list. Each posts includes a brief preview of the body text, the author's name, and the date and time it was created. This layout can display a minimum of 1 post up to a maximum of 99.

Hero View

This layout features a large image for the first post, accompanied by up to 4 additional posts arranged in 2 columns.

We recommend this view to keep employees informed on important company news & announcements in the Home module.

Carousal View

This layout showcases a carousel display of posts, highlighting their featured images and titles. It is particularly useful when you want to draw attention to 6 to 18 posts and prefer them to automatically scroll. As you select this view, additional menu options will appear, providing you with further customization options for the layout.

Side-by-side View

This layout features a two-column list of posts, showcasing their featured thumbnail, title, and preview text. You can also choose to display the author name, team name, and time associated with each post, offering further control and customization. This layout is great for 6 to 18 posts.

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