Navigating a Tracker

Trackers are one of the most versatile features MangoApps offers. In this section, we will break down the navigational menus within a tracker.

For the purposes of explanation and example, we will break the tracker menus into 4 categories:

Tracker Menus

Table Menus

Column Menus

Entry Menu

If we think of this as a hierarchy:

The Tracker Menus control all the options for the overall tracker. These options include creating new tables within a tracker, creating a form, cloning a tracker, managing tracker permissions, and notification preferences.

The Table Menus control all the options of the current table within the tracker. These options include editing the table, downloading a table, and adding the table to the widget gallery.

The Column Menus control all of the options of a single column within a table. These options include changing the column type, inserting columns, and editing column properties.

The Entry Menu contains options for a single entry within a column. These options include locking an entry, archiving an entry, deleting an entry, and editing an entry.

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