People Module Tools

Company employee directory and profile pages to find experts and increase communication


The People module serves as a centralized hub for connecting with coworkers, exploring organizational structures, and staying informed about team activities. Access detailed information about your colleagues, view organizational structures, and connect with team members easily using the tools and options provided.

Find and View Profiles

Search for individuals by name or browse through the list. The list view can be configured by selecting one of the following options:

  • Tile View: Displays users in a grid format with profile pictures.

  • List View: Provides a comprehensive list of all users in the system.

  • Org Chart View: Visualizes the organizational hierarchy of users.

Interacting with Profiles

Click on the three dots (...) next to a person's name to reveal additional options:

View Profile: Opens the detailed profile page of the selected user.

Follow/Unfollow: Stay updated with the user's activities and updates on your newsfeed. Following a user will have their updates and activities display on your newsfeed. If you already follow a user and want to unfollow them, simply select Unfollow to stop receiving their updates

Send IM: Start an instant message (chat) with the user directly.

Send a Message: Send a private message to the user.

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