Create a To Do List


The MangoApps To Do module makes it easy to create and stay on top of your to do lists.

To create a to do list, click on To Do List from the left hand side menu.

  1. Add your to do list items

  2. Filter what is shown:

    1. You To Do List

    2. Any To Do Lists shared with you

  3. Filter To Do Status. You can filter by:

    1. Pending

    2. Completed

  4. To Do Settings: Configure your personal to do list settings

  5. Manage Sections: View the default sections and create custom sections

  6. Refresh List to get the latest updates

  1. Type in your To Do item

  2. If the item has a specific due date, select it from the calendar

  3. Select the section to add the item to. You can create an entirely new section for the item.

As you add tasks, they will appear on your to do list in the section you added them to. If you hover over the item, you can see if it is only visible to you or if it visible to other users.

If the item is visible to others it will display the total number of users.

Click on the link to see which users the to do list item has been shared with.

Click on View Details for a task item to review and edit task item details.

  1. Item: Make changes to what is displayed for the task item

  2. Status: Status of the task item:

    1. Pending

    2. Completed

  3. Section: Admins can set default sections and users can add their own custom sections

  4. Due Date: Optional deadline field

  5. Delete To Do: You can delete a to do item at any time.

The system will not ask you to confirm if you wish to delete an item, so be sure you want to delete an item before your click on Delete To Do.

Selecting a Status of complete, will strike the item from your to do list.

You can also mark an item complete on the main list, by checking the box to the left of the item.

Viewing Your To Do List in the Widget Panel

To add the To Do List to your widget panel, click the Plus sign.

  1. In the Search field, type in To Do

  2. Once you locate the applicable widget, click on +Add

  3. Click on Done to add the widget

  1. Filter: You can filter by:

    1. Section

    2. Date

  2. Three Dot Menu: You can:

    1. Set Properties

      1. Display name

      2. Total number of displayed items

    2. Remove the widget

    3. Refresh the widget to ensure latest info

  3. Carrot Menu: Collapse the widget

  4. Checkbox: Check a box to mark an item as complete

Viewing To Do List on the Dashboard

From your Dashboard, click on Customize in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Click on Widget Gallery

  1. In the Search field, type in To Do

  2. Once you locate the applicable widget, click on +Add

  3. Click on Done to add the widget

To Do Settings

To configure your To Do settings, navigate to the To Do page. Then, click on the three dot menu.

Next, click on To Do Settings.

Settings Tab

  1. New Item Default Position:

    1. Top of section

    2. Bottom of section

  2. Default Due Date: You can select between 1 to 30 after its creation

  3. Save: Click on Save to save your setting choices

Sections Tab

You can drag and drop the sections into the desired order.

To create a New section, click on +Add New Section

  1. Provide a Section Name Name is limited to 30 characters

  2. Provide a short description Description is limited to 100 characters

  3. Select the color for the section

  4. Select Who Can View the section. You can select between:

    1. Only you

    2. You and your manager

    3. Specific users

  5. Have the system create a Reminder for all to do list items applied in this section

  6. Cancel or Save

View Reminder Settings

Click on View Reminder Settings

Configure your desired default reminder settings for To Do list items.

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