Levels & Badges Tools

Level up and earn badges, just for doing your job!

Levels and Badges

With MangoApps, you can earn points and level up, just for doing your day to day job, you can even earn badges that are proudly displayed on your profile.

Accessing Your Level and Badges

To see your levels and all your badges, click on Levels and Badges from the left-hand side menu.

On the Current Level tab, you can see:

  1. Your current level

  2. Your point status and how many points you need to get to the next level

  3. Your most recent badge

  4. Your total number of gamification points

From the Badges tab, you can see all the badges you have earned, as well as, all the badges you can still earn.

The Leaderboard tab allows you to see:

  1. Your leaderboard status for the current month

  2. Your all-time leaderboard status

The All Activity tab lets you see all level and badge activity for the company.

The FAQs tab allows you to see frequently asked questions about levels and badges.

Levels and Badges From Your Profile

You can can also click to your Profile.

From your profile, you can see your total points and level. You can also see your recent badges and click to see all your badges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of points, and how do I get them? Points are earned by being active on your network. They are given for both daily activities and less common activities and can range in value. We won’t tell you how exactly to get them (where’s the fun in that?), so go exploring around your site and see what you can find!

How many points is an activity worth? There are three levels of points: frequent, occasional and sporadic. Frequent activities give you the least amount of points and sporadic activities give you the highest amount of points.

Why am I not getting points anymore? We have a daily limit on all activities to deter people from completing excessive activities just to get points. Think of it as spam blocking!

Where can I find how many points I have? You can view your points on the Current Levels tab of the Levels & Badges app and in the top right corner of your window.

My points disappeared! Where did they go? Your current points are reset once you advance to the next level. But don't worry…they're not actually gone! You can see your total number of points in three places: the Current Level tab, the Company Leaderboard and the Levels summary in the top right corner of your window.

I did an activity, but then I had to delete it. Will I still get the points? In an attempt to avoid spamming and misuse of the points system, you will not get points for an activity that you deleted. Existing points wont be reversed on deleting of content.

How long does it take for points to show up in my profile after completing an activity? Your points will show up immediately on your profile. You can check them in the top right corner of your browser window and there is an animation that shows the number of points being added to your total each time an activity is completed.

What are levels Levels are another way to measure how active you are on your site. The more points you have, the higher level you'll be. As you advance in levels, it becomes more difficult to level up. Your profile will indicate your level and you can also see your colleagues' levels. You can always see how close your are to reaching the next level on the Current Level tab.

I was close to a level, but now I need more points. What happened? You level up by being consistently active on your network. If you are idle on your company network for more than 5 business days, you will need to get more points to get to the next level. You haven't technically lost any points, you just need to earn more to advance to the next level.

I'm on vacation for more than 5 business days. Will I need more points to get to the next level? New levels are obtained by being active on your network, so even though you're on vacation and probably won't be logging in, you'll still need to earn more points to get to the next level. That way, it's fair for everyone!

What are badges? Badges are a fun and rewarding surprise for completing certain activities around your site. It wouldn't be a surprise if we told you how to get them!

How do I get more badges? Keep exploring your network, make sure you're an active participant, and wait for those shiny badges to pop up!

Can an admin delete a badge or got or change my level? No, the admin cannot change your level or delete a badge you earned.

Will getting more badges make me reach the next level faster? Badges are independent of your Levels (unless you're getting a level badge) and do not have a point value assigned to them. Realistically if you're earning a lot of badges it's because you're completing a lot of activities which equals more points!

My colleague got a badge and we do similar activities in a week, but I didn't get one-why In an attempt to avoid spamming and misuse of the points system, we have a daily limit on all activities to deter people from completing excessive activities. This may be the reason you didn't get the same badge as your colleague.

Where can I see my badges All of the Badges that you have found are available on the Badges tab. There you will see the badges you've earned, when you earned them and how you got them (just hover over the image!).

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