Create a Project

MangoApps Projects are the most feature rich team workspaces for peer-to-peer collaboration. Projects have an activity stream and members list at a minimum, and have 14 additional modules that can be added to suit your unique project’s needs.

Projects come complete with timelines, collaborative tasking, localization, and can give you snapshots of progress with customizable health settings, analytics and task reporting. Projects are geared toward getting your projects done in less time with better visibility and communication within your teams, both internally and externally with partners or customers.

Creating Custom Fields for Projects

From the Admin screen, click on Modules and select Projects. Then, click on the Gear icon

Then, select Configure Custom Fields

Click on New Custom Fields. Provide a Field Name. Then, select a custom field type. You can select from :

  • Single Line Text

  • Multiple Line Text

  • Multiple Choices (Multiple Selections)

  • Multiple Choices (Single Selections)

  • Calendar Lookup

  • User Typeahead

  • Web Link

Then, click on Save

Creating a Project

From any screen in MangoApps, click on Teams and select Projects

From the Projects page, select Create Project.

  1. Name your project

  2. If desired, Pick a Template. If you use a template, you will be asked to specify who to designate as the project creator. You can select between the user who created the template or yourself.

  3. Provide a Short Description

  4. Upload a Photo for your project

  5. Assign Categories for your project

  6. Set the Permission for your project. Decide between:

    1. Public- Anyone with access can join this project, participate, and view messages

    2. Private- User must be invited or request access in order to view messages and participate

    3. Unlisted- This is an unlisted project. Only you and the people you invite to this project will be able to view it. Admins do not have any access to this project.

  7. Set the Default Membership. You can decide between:

    1. Member- New users in the project get member privileges

    2. Admin- New users in the project get admin privileges

  8. Set a State Date for your project

  9. Set a Completion Date for your project

  10. Set the Time Zone for your project

  11. Add Hashtags to your project

  12. Choose a Color for your project

  13. Click on Save and Continue or to simply save and return to projects, click on the dropdown menu and select Save and Go to Projects

If you create a project from a template, it will copy members, files, milestones, tasks, posts, and messages from the template to your new project.

Next, select which modules you wish to include in your project and configure their settings.

Once you have selected all desired modules, click on Save and Continue to set Custom Fields or select the dropdown to Save and Go To Projects

Next, set your custom fields. Type in the value you want for the custom field and click on Save and Exit.

The custom field and its assigned value will appear in the Project Summary section of the project.

Configure Your Project

Once your project is created, you can configure its settings.

From the admin menu, click on Modules and select Projects

To configure settings for a project click on the dropdown menu.

  1. Chat Settings- Set who can send IMs in the project, who can see the group member list, and who can send Important Messages

  2. View Project- Navigate to the project

  3. Edit Project- Navigate to the Create Project screen to edit the projects

  4. Transfer Owner Rights- Select a new user to be the project owner

  5. Set as Default Project- This will add all the users as members of this project. New network users in future will also automatically get added to this project

  6. Archive Project- The project and all its contents can still be viewed by the project members but they cannot be edited. Archived project will not appear in your active list of projects. You can restore the project to the active list at any time.

  7. Delete Project- Delete the project and all its data

Configure General Project Settings

  1. Configure Custom Fields- Configure the custom fields for the projects

  2. Manage Settings- Manage the general permission settings of projects

  3. Manage Categories- Create and manage categories that projects can be assigned to

  4. Show/Hide Fields- Check the fields you wish to add to projects list/grid views for ALL users. Drag & Drop the field to change the order in which they appear.

  5. Export Project Email IDs- Select between exporting all projects data or all projects member list.

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