Add Block Toolbar

The Add Block toolbar, found in templates, provides a variety of content blocks. Mix and match blocks and refine the layout of your post to maximize engagement with your content. Each row can have maximum of 3 content blocks.

Common content block properties and layout actions include:

  • Ability to set properties for the background color, heading color, and text color

  • Ability to insert a column to left/right of a block

  • Ability to insert a row above/below a block

  • Ability to increase block width by 33% when there are two or more blocks in a row

  • Ability to decrease block width by 33% when there are two or more blocks in a row

  • Ability to duplicate a content block

  • Ability to remove a content block

  • Ability to move a block up or down in the post

  • Ability to duplicate or remove the entire content block row.

1. Cover

Click on this block to add a full-width cover image to your post. After adding the block, you can further edit the cover image within it. Please note that each post can only have one cover block. Once the Cover block is added, the option will be grayed out in the Add Block menu.

Along the right hand side of the Add Image pop-up menu, you can adjust your images Display Settings, Add Links, and view the Details of the image.

  • Display Settings: Adjust the image size to fit the block space and specify the Alt text, which will be displayed instead of the image if it fails to load on a user's screen.

  • Add Links: To make the banner image clickable, select your desired link type from the drop-down menu, and then copy and paste the link into the URL field below.

  • Details: In this section, you can find specific information about your selected cover image. You can view the file name under which it was uploaded, the date of upload, and the file size.

At the bottom of the Add Image menu, you have the option to Replace the photo, Edit Image, or Delete the image.

  • Delete: This option allows you to remove the photo from your cover block without deleting the entire block itself.

  • Replace: Upload images from your computer, browse Media added in your network's media libraries, add screenshots and recordings from Mango Recorder, insert GIFs, feature an image directly that is hosted through a different URL, or choose one of many available stock images from the Unsplash Photo Library. MangoApps allows for image uploads of the following file type: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and bmp

  • Edit Image: By clicking this option, you can access the edit menu and also review the Display Settings overview from the previous menu.

    • Image Edit: This menu allows you the option to overwrite instances of the image with your new edits throughout your network. You can also choose to save it as a new image instead.

    • Edit Menu: Below the image, you will find seven editing options. You can crop the image, rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise, flip it vertically or horizontally, and undo or redo any edits made during the editing session.

Three-Dot Menu

From this menu you can set the block properties, insert a row above or below your cover block, or remove the block entirely.

  • Set Properties: From this menu you have the option to customize colors in your cover block, choose image size, and toggle overlay options.

    • Background Color: This option allows you to choose a solid color for your block if you do not wish to feature an image.

    • Text Color: Your title's text color

    • Show Overlay: Toggle the dark banner behind your title text on or off

    • Show Image: Toggle the background image off to use a solid color background instead for the block.

    • Image Size: Adjust the image size to fit the block space.

2. Image

This block enables you to add a standalone image to your post.

  • Replace Image: Click the button to access the Add Image edit menu. In this menu, you can upload your own image, modify display properties, and adjust other settings. For further details about the Add Image edit menu, click here.

  • 3-Dot Action Menu: The 3-Dot Menu allows you to Set Properties for the block, Insert other blocks around the current block, Duplicate the block, and Remove the block.

    • Set Properties: Choose a background color for your block if your image does not fill the block space.

    • Insert Block Options: Insert new blocks to the right, left, above, or below the current block.

    • Duplicate Block: Create a duplicate of the block beneath the current block.

    • Remove Block: Delete the current block.

3. Video

This block allows your to add a video to your post.

  • Replace Video: Click this button to enter the Add Video pop-up menu.

  • Upload: This option allows you to directly upload video files from your computer. The supported file types include mp4, mov, avi, wmv, and mpeg. When you upload a video file, it will be stored in your network's file library. In the optional Select Destination section, you can specify the file to which the upload will be directed.

  • Media: Choose a video from your network's file library. You can sort this media to show All Media Files or specific files within the Network Drive. This search can be refined even further by filtering items by videos Uploaded By Me or videos Uploaded by Anyone. Click on a video thumbnail to view the details.

  • My Recordings: Select from the recordings captured and saved in your Mango Recorder app. You can view the details of each recording on the right-hand side.

  • Fetch From URL: Fetch From URL: If you have a video link hosted on another website, you can directly retrieve it by copying and pasting the link into the URL text box.

4. Audio

You can include audio files within your posts. Supported file types include WAV, MP3, and WMA.

5. Text

This block enables you to add text content. You can customize the color and format of the header and body text individually using the floating text toolbar.

Title spaces in text and cover blocks have a character limit of 100. The body of a text block has a generous character limit of over 7000+.

The floating text toolbar provides the ability to add hyperlinks and phone numbers. Additionally, the color selection tool offers the option to insert a specific color's hex code if it is not available in the preset palette. This allows for customization of posts within your company's style guidelines.

6. Image + Text

This block combines the functions of both the Image and Text blocks into one. It includes the Add Image edit menu and the floating text edit bar found in the standalone blocks. Additionally, this block introduces a new feature in the 3-Dot menu called Image Position. With this option, you can choose the relative placement of the image in relation to the text.

7. More Blocks

  • Quote: Use this block to add a citation to your post. This block is designed specifically for text within quotation marks and does not support other types of content.

  • Button: Add a 'Call to action' button to your post along with text. This button can be further customized. Change the button color, label color, position, size, and link as per your requirements.

  • Table: Keep organized with inline tables that can be used to outline project plans, due dates, priorities, etc. You can also use the Advanced tab to style the table using the Custom CSS defined by the network admin. Admins can add CSS in Admin Portal > Branding > Full Portal > Custom CSS. This table block also has the option to stripe every other row.

  • Post: Insert a block that links to a published post.. As an addition to the 3-Dot menu, you can choose to display a short excerpt of the post within the block.

  • File: Insert a block containing a link to a file from your network's library.


Utilize this option to incorporate a poll into your post. Polls serve as a convenient way to gather feedback on your content and actively engage with your readers. When adding a poll block to your post, you'll find various customization options available to help you maintain a cohesive and appealing visual style.

Once you have published your post, you will be UNABLE be able to edit your Poll.

  • Your Poll Question: This option allows you to name your poll or ask a question. This option also allows you to select an icon for your poll.

  • Poll Choices: This option provides a dropdown menu which will let you pick the style of poll you would like to create. The Custom option will allow you to create up to 10 custom responses for your poll. For more information on the dropdown option for Poll Choices, click here.

  • Select Style: This option allows you to select the vertical or horizontal layout for your poll response options. For the Yes, Maybe, No option, you will have 2 additional options: Icon only or Emoji.

  • Advanced Option:

    • Display Result Format as: Choose between a Pie Chart or Bar Chart view

    • Poll end date: Select an end date for your poll. Once the end date has passed, users will no longer be able to participate in the poll.

    • Show poll results to users: Once a user has made a poll selection, you can allow them to see the results. By default, this setting will be ON.

    • Allow user to respond on multiple poll choices: This setting is only allowed for Custom poll choices.

    • Make this an anonymous poll: Select this choice to ensure that responses remain anonymous. By default, this setting is turned OFF. Please note: If this option is enabled, you won't have the ability to export results or access detailed responses beyond the summary overview.

    • Allow users to change their poll response: This option allows users to change their response multiple times after making an initial selection. By default, this option is OFF.

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