Team Messages

Share quick thoughts, ideas, updates and more with team members.


Share Status, Thoughts, And Ideas

Team messages allow users to share updates or create quick discussion around thoughts or ideas.

  • Attach files to a message to provide instant collaboration

  • Make messages more fun and engaging with gif images and emojis

  • Save posts/updates for later by pinning them to the top

Pin for Quick Access

As users contribute more, pinning the most important posts makes it easier for anyone to access or refer to the topic again in the future.

Ask a Question, Do a Poll, or Run a Survey

Updates are a great way to get answers to questions when a user doesn’t know which group to ask. Executives can conduct a quick poll or survey to gain employee feedback.

Add Attachments

Users can attach files, documents, or media to add to the context of their message or encourage specific thought.

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