Create a shared workspace for efficient employee collaboration on projects, minimizing emails and meetings. Facilitate real-time updates in a 'meeting-free' environment and ensure resource accessibility only for group members.

See How It Works

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Dedicated Collaboration Spaces

Reduce email volume, capture knowledge over time, and speed up employee productivity with groups dedicated to specific projects.

Provide A Space For Shared Common Interests

Empower employees to participate in groups based on office location, department, common interests, or goals.

Improve Employee Productivity

Employees working on specific tasks/projects can use groups as a central location to share any information or files needed.

Engage in actionable conversations

Hash things out quickly by enabling users of a group to share updates, ask questions, and gather feedback without the hassle of meetings, conference calls, or disjointed email threads.

Keep people in the loop

Bring other teams or individuals into the group when necessary, to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Share knowledge and resources

Securely share files and folders with the members of your group. Default permissions can be set to limit the visibility of the files to members, non-members, or the whole company.

Create a group calendar

Plan and coordinate events, group meetings, training, and more within a group calendar.

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