File Level Actions


When you open a file that has been shared with you or that you have uploaded, there are several activity options available through the file level tool bars. These options enable you to download, share, manage, and perform advanced actions on the file.

Key Toolbar Options


Download files for offline access, ensuring you can work without internet connectivity, which is crucial for mobile workers or during internet outages.


Tailor sharing options based on your roleβ€”whether you're the file owner or a recipientβ€”allowing precise control over who accesses the file and to what extent. This capability fosters seamless collaboration within and beyond your organization.


File owners benefit from extensive management capabilities:

  • Publish: Directly share files across platforms like SharePoint, Office 365, and others, ensuring seamless integration into various workflows.

  • Move: Organize files by transferring them between folders while managing permissions, ensuring content remains secure and accessible to the right teams.

  • Rename: Customize file names to improve clarity and relevance, aiding in efficient document management.

  • Delete: Permanently remove files when necessary, maintaining tidy and organized storage (available exclusively to file owners).

Advanced Tools: Access additional functionalities that support advanced file management:

  • Upload New Version: Safely update files with new versions while retaining access to previous iterations, ideal for iterative content development.

  • Check Out: Secure files for exclusive editing, preventing conflicting changes and ensuring version control integrity.

  • File Access Review: Monitor file activity comprehensively, ensuring transparency and accountability in collaborative projects.

  • Initiate Approval Workflow: Seek timely approvals from designated users before finalizing changes, streamlining collaborative processes and ensuring compliance.


Engage in collaborative discussions directly within files:

  • View: Review existing comments to gain insights and context from team members.

  • Add: Contribute new comments to facilitate communication, gather feedback, and drive productive discussions.

File Details

Access comprehensive file information:

  • Meta Details: View and edit metadata such as associated folders and descriptions (editable by owners), ensuring accurate file categorization and information management.

  • Old Versions: Retrieve and review previous file versions:

    • Locate files and access version details through the Advanced Tools menu.

    • Utilize options to download or view earlier versions based on permissions, enabling thorough revision tracking and historical reference.

These tools collectively empower users to streamline file management, enhance collaboration, and maintain organized workflows within the Files Module. Whether ensuring offline access, managing permissions, soliciting approvals, or facilitating real-time collaboration through comments, these functionalities are indispensable for optimizing productivity and achieving seamless document control and sharing in any professional environment.

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